7 Most trending Multiplayer game for android in 2018

Gone are the days where games were part of standalone consoles and computer devices. Giant leaps in technology have made it possible for smartphones to be able to run the most complex and richest games. Android users worldwide have witnessed a huge increase in the number of quality games over the years. With Vulkan API and Android Nougat coming into the picture, things have only gotten better over time. It will only be a matter of time before Android users come across even more impressive titles than we have today. Talking about the best releases of Android for 2018, we have compiled a list of the seven titles we think were amazing so far. So if you are curious about the best games of 2018 then without further delay scroll down and you will get in touch with the list shortly.

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7 Most trending Multiplayer game for android in 2018

7. Evoland 2:


One of the most unique Android games available in the market, Evoland 2 combines multiple styles of gameplay into one thrilling adventure game that is jam packed with hours of entertainment. The spiritual successor and sequel to the original Evoland, this game is based on different gameplay styles and time travel. This game includes a stunning variety of game mechanics like top-down shooter, RPG, classic fighter, RPG, platformer and trading card mechanics. This game pays tribute to the old days of gaming and change in mechanics at the end of each level will also see a change in graphics to better suit a particular part of the game. It’s an intensely thrilling experience that grants hardware controller support, no ads, no in-app purchases and an excellent storyline to play through. Evoland 2 seamlessly integrates changes in graphics into the narrative and completely succeeds shifting between multiple areas of RPGs. Even though the game has been criticized by some as it relies a little too much on nostalgia it still is one of the most exciting titles of this year. This game has been highly praised by reviewers for so many references to previous video games and for including so much of game time.

6. MineCraft: Pocket Edition:


A popular game for people of all ages, Minecraft is a phenomenon that made a remarkably successful jump from consoles to smartphones. This gave its fans the opportunity to explore, mine and build their way to 8-bit glory on the Android platform as well. For those of you who don’t know about Minecraft, it puts you in a huge world where you build stuff, mine, beat up villains and pretty much anything else your heart desires. The survival mode lets you mine your own food and resources whereas the creative mode gives you unlimited access of just about everything. In addition to that the application is frequently updated which adds on tons of possibilities and new content. To top that off reviewers have said that this game is pretty much on level terms with its console and PC counterparts. The only downside to the Android version is that you cannot play on multiplayer servers with other people unlike the console versions. Customization for things like skin packs can be easily done through the in-app purchases. It’s a nifty title that makes it to the list of best games of the year.

5. Into the Dead 2:


The first edition of this title was an all-out zombie-slaying action adventure game and the second edition is even better. Into the Dead 2 is an action-packed thriller where you have to survive in an era infested with zombies who are trying to kill you at every turn. In this zombie apocalypse you ride through maps to rescue your family. You will have to use various strategies and powerful weapons to escape the clutches of the dead ones and put them down as you go. It has been described as one of the best first-person shooter games on Android. The next level graphics and thrills deliver an intense and electric atmosphere as soon as you dive into the game. Even though it’s a simple zombie game the longevity of it along with the immersive nature of Into the Dead 2 makes it a must have title for your Android device.

4. PUBG Mobile:


One of the most acclaimed games to release on the console this year, this game has now released on the Android much to the delight of its fans. With over a record breaking ten million downloads and nearly a million user ratings PUBG mobile has become the new sensation on the Android platform. A highly competent mobile first person shooter game PUBG mobile showcases good graphics and effective controls. You start the game by skydiving down to Erangel island where you pick your spot to parachute down to, scavenge what you can from the empty hoses and building nearby and begin to kill, execute and annihilate. The island is littered with weapons, gear and vehicles that will help you annihilate everyone else. You are pit against 99 other people who have the same idea but as you know only one can emerge victorious. There is just one major catch; the island will get smaller after intervals of time which is indicated by a blue force field. This restricts the match from going on for too long. Freemium elements along with other new modes have been added by the recent updates. PUBG is surprisingly stable considering how bad other titles have botched their mobile launches in the past.

3. Pokemon Go:


Exploding into the Android gaming scene in 2016, Pokemon Go soon became the ultimate augmented reality game to hit the market. With AR features similar to Ingress, Niantic has designed this game allowing players to roam around the real world. Described as one of the best ever games for the Android platform; Pokemon Go uses the camera on a player’s Android device to replicate a Pokemon-themed alternate reality world. Players can walk around catching Pokemon, hit up Pokestops to restock items and battle for gyms. These gyms are usually popular landmarks in your area. Users can earn experience points in terms of candies and stardust with which you can unlock various features as you progress through the game. Different species of pokemon can be found in different areas for instance woter pokemon are found near water bodies. It beat almost every record out there in terms of the most popular mobile game to ever be released. In addition to being so great this game also gets updated frequently. These updates add new mechanics, new pokemon and also exciting limited time events. Pokemon Go has come a long from the game Niantic released in 2016 and the developers will continue to improve and iterate the game for a long time to come.

2. The Room: Old Sins:


The latest epic puzzle game developed by Fireproof Games, The Room: Old Sins is the 4th installment in the award winning ‘The Room’ series. If you haven’t played the previous games before or aren’t familiar with The Room series, then get ready for one of the most engrossing and thrilling games you will ever play on the Android platform. The game begins with the player exploring the attic of a dark creepy house as an investigator. An ambitious engineer has gone missing and in the midst of things you stumble upon a peculiar and immaculately details doll house. You then use a sophisticated eye piece to explore various rooms in the doll house filled with remarkably intricate contraptions and puzzle boxes. Once the players begin to understand the breadth of it they realize there is more to this than meets the eye. The audio and the graphics are synchronized together beautifully to create an eerily creepy aura as you carefully inspect complex objects to help unlock secrets to assist you on your journey. It is also possible for you to snag the other three games at discounted prices if you wish to catch up.

1. HQ Trivia:


HQ trivia is the new trivia sensation that has turned TV host Scott Rogoswky into an internet celebrity with an entertaining performance as the quiz master. The new craze of live trivia on your phones is fulfilled by HQ trivia in which all you have to do is simply answer 12 questions with a ten second timer to win a part of the total pot available. All the players are competing at once where all questions asked have to be answered in real time. This title is definitely unique in the Android gaming space. The game itself has vastly improved since its release last year and now lets you play with friends as well. Millions of people around the word also play this as there is a serious chance of winning some cash. Games take place on a daily basis at 9PM EST with a cash pot of $5,000 and weekend games take place at 3PM EST. The game that takes place on Sunday evening is worth $25,000. This translates to the fact that there are 12 games per week. This ensures that you don’t get bored of the game too quickly. HQ Trivia has no in-app purchases and is completely free to download.

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