About Me

Making your life a little easier with Technology, is my motto.

The world is reaching new heights day by day. The Technological Advancements has opened a lot of doors for human and those doors have opened new opportunities for everyone. We have reached Mars, we have built Humanoid Robots and what not. Internet services have reached almost every part of the world and the world has reached our pockets.

Whether it is entertainment or jobs, the digital world has facilitated us to remain connected all the way around. But, even today there are people who are still unaware of these advancements and I am here to help.

Hi, I am Sean. Being a Tech Geek, I have sensed the potential of the Technological Trends very well. The power that Internet possesses has lured me towards it at every step of my life. I have been to the core and there I realized the need to share this with everybody.

At Techbynerd, you find the most interesting Internet Techniques, Tricks and much more. This is a hub if you want to stream movies or download Animes. On top of it, you can find latest Applications for your Android or iphone that can make your day a lot easier.

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You can reach me with your Queries in the comment box of any post or at techbynerd@gmail.com anytime. It would really be my pleasure to assist all of you as soon as possible.

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