Amazon Prime – Online Shows and Movies with best picture quality

Amazon Prime – Online Shows and Movies with best picture quality: Amazon initially launched the Amazon Prime services in the USA in the year 2005. The features of this service include the free 2-day shipping delivery of any products bought on the Amazon E-commerce website and access to the online streaming of Animes, TV series, and movies on an annual subscription charge of around $79. Amazon Prime has increased its prices for the international viewers recently. This is because of the best picture quality they are providing and for the most secure Anti-Virus services so as to give the full packed entertainment to the viewers.

Amazon Prime Service – Online Shows and Movies

Amazon Prime is the best online shows service and comes with an added advantage of 2-day free shipping delivery when you buy a product from the official Amazon E-commerce website. Amazon is your best choice if you are living in any European countries who love English shows. Amazon has recently changed its subscription charges for the international viewers and has now following 3 plans to choose:-

  • The first basic plan includes only the online video streaming service and the viewers will have to pay around $8.99 per month. The 2-day free shipping and other features are not included in this basic plan.
  • The next is the advanced plan of Amazon Prime where the subscribers will get access to all Amazon Prime videos, with free 2-day shipping on Amazon products, unlimited music streaming, unlimited photo storage, and unlimited access to Amazon Kindle Lending Library that contains around 1 million E-books to read. The price for this plan is around $12.99 per month.
  • Finally, Amazon Prime has introduced a new yearly plan where the users will have to pay an annual subscription charge of around $99 per year. This plan includes all features of the advanced plan of Amazon Prime. Amazon has also launched the same plan on $49 per year for the students.

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Why is Amazon Prime Better Compared to Other Services?

Amazon Prime is best in terms of price and added features. The subscribers of this best cable TV alternatives will be able to not only watch the latest Hollywood movies, TV series, and exciting documentaries, but will also be able to listen to the most updated English songs and read millions of E-books with a single subscription plan. Amazon Prime also features some of the best English shows like The Walking Dead, Dexter, The Mad Men, Supernatural etc. Amazon also has a wide selection of famous Hollywood movies like Clover-field, Ocean’s series movies, Transformer series movies, Harry Potter series movies, and many more. It has also an ample collection of some of the best documentary videos.

Some Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime

Pros of Amazon Prime

  1. Amazon Prime is the best choice for English international viewers because of its large content base.
  2. Amazon Prime is the most affordable online video streaming service that also allows you to listen to latest songs and read E-books on a single subscription package.
  3. The viewers can watch the Prime Videos on their Android, iOS, and Windows devices with the help of Amazon Prime App.

Cons of Amazon Prime

  1. Some famous international TV series like Game of Thrones is not available on Amazon Prime.
  2. Some viewers are complaining a low streaming speed on Android devices.
  3. The Amazon Prime app doesn’t support Chromecast and PS3 devices.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a Hollywood movie fan, English music lover, or simply a bookworm who loves reading E-books; Amazon Prime has got everything you need in a single subscription package at affordable prices. But, as you move forward to pick the best video service for you, you must watch the comparison between HULU, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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