11 Online Anime Streaming Websites To Watch Free Anime

11 Online Anime Streaming Websites To Watch Free Anime: Being an Anime fan gives a different pleasure and unimaginable experience. Famous Anime characters rule the world.Therefore, Anime has not only broadened the spectrum of feeding people according to their taste but has also created a whole new niche of streaming a unique content in the industry. If you are new to this niche, let’s start with an introduction to the subject first.

The word Anime is derived from Animation. It represents mainly the Japanese animation series which are based upon broad prospects of the society and out of the box themes which are undoubtedly entertaining to watch. Anime enthusiasts keep searching for new and reliable sources to watch their favorite shows.

Keeping the same in mind, here I’ve created a list of 11 Online Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Free Anime. If not websites, you must Download Anime Apps for Android. So, without wasting any time, let’s directly move to our main section.

the top free websites to watch Anime Shows Online without signup

Best Anime Streaming Websites for Free Anime

Although, you may find countless websites to stream and download your favorite anime series, here we have listed the very effective ones. Have a look:

1: 9anime.to

If you love watching anime and are a huge fan of these, then you should definitely try 9anime.to. The website is designed both for streaming and downloading the very latest stuff to your storage. The site shares the following Pros and Cons:

• Is Ad-free
• Hosts several latest and epic anime series
• Also has Dubbed Anime

• The list is endless, so you have to search your content.
• Download-interruptions are common.

2: KissAnime.ru

Talking about the King, KissAnime rules the anime world. It has a massive fan following and has a very high popularity among the anime buffs. Let’s talk about their Pros and Cons:

• Consumes lower-bandwidth
• Uploading is consistent
• Offers a wide range of quality (240p to 1080p) to choose from
• App is also available

• Runs on JavaScript making it incompatible for the mini-browser
• Registration is important before downloading

3: Chia-anime.tv

If you are looking for absolutely free Anime streaming site, Chia-anime stands among one of the most responsive and reliable websites in the field. Owning to a classy design, this site never lags behind in showcasing its innovation.

• Updates 10 times faster than the other sites
• Is consistent in updating
• Single-click streaming and downloading high-quality anime is possible

• Only high-quality anime is provided here

4: AnimeSeason.com

It’s simple infrastructure and amazing scrolling feature are a reason for why it is counted among the best anime dealing sites on the web. Here, you can easily stream and download high-quality anime for free without any registration.

• Very few ads pop-up while scrolling/streaming
• Has embedded video players
• Provides subbed anime with titles and captions
• Locating the content is easy

• Not an ad-free portal

5: Masterani.me

Masterani.me is a site with one of the best GUIs. Its interface having an extra-ordinary layout to explore series imparts a premium feel to it.

• Anime comes with a huge thumbnail and Synopsis.
• Review system helps in locating the anime faster
• Star rating makes it easier to find the best-dressed content
• Is nearly ad-free

• Forced ads deteriorate the overall feel

If not websites, you can use Netflix to watch latest movies and Animes. But, since Netflix is paid, you need credit card to access it. Don’t worry, you can access Netflix without credit card and watch all your favourite shows for free.

6: Gogoanime.com

Gogoanime is also one of the best anime streaming websites for free anime. No matter how deeply connected the web series is with Japanese, you’ll always find subtitles for them. This portal is a true master at providing all the latest episodes and series with English subtitles, titles, and even Captions.

• Database is kept fresh
• Updating frequency is high
• Is responsive to a great layout
• Its app is also available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices
• Ads are too frequent
• Quality is mostly high
• Not so easy navigation

7: AnimeFreak.tv

If you want the latest high-quality anime to stream on your devices, then AnimeFreak.tv is also the site to reach for. It also streams the most popular anime to simplify the searches.

• Has a separate category for the latest anime episodes
• Genre tab takes you to the stuff you are in search of
• Provides Manga to read on its new platform

• The main problem is the ads
• The layout is not so impressive
• Updating frequency is low

8: watch-anime.net

It is also one of the best sites to search for the anime content. If you want to stream it rather than downloading, watch-anime.net is the best place for it.

• Clean and simple interface
• Looks calm and not messy
• Navigation is easy
• Finding anime is easier
• Provides the latest manga to read

• Is not too premium to compete with the top websites

9: AnimeStreams.tv

This site excels in providing an intuitive interface with a lot simpler design. Exploring the desired series is easy with its easy scrolling facility.

• No ads pop up while streaming
• No flying banners are shown
• Dubbed Subbed anime is available here
• Can request anime on demand

• Updating frequency is not too high

10: TubiTv

TubiTv specializes in providing both free and paid anime for streaming and downloading purposes. The new anime series is updated on a weekly basis here. It auto-recommends anime to you on the basis of your search results. This is same as how most of the e-commerce websites record your search results and auto-recommend similar stuff. Let’s look at its Pros and Cons:

• Highly-rated content is automatically recommended
• Search results are recorded
• Auto-play feature keeps you entertained for as long as you want
• The frequency of updating latest content is very high
• No ads pop up while streaming anime online

• Registration is compulsory
• Anime is not properly organized into categories

11: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a legal anime dealing website. It auto-updates the latest content to its database. This has resulted in a huge fan following for this website. Anime content is very well organized into categories and is easy to explore and navigate. Crunchyroll imparts a premium look in a few aspects. A lot of the content, however, is free here but you can also subscribe to high-quality ad-free content following its monthly/yearly membership plans. Crunchyroll is also available on iphone to watch Anime.

• High-Quality anime is available here
• Simulcast even the newest videos here within 1 hour after airing in Japan
• Ad-free experience
• 14-days free trial is also available
• Monthly subscription of $6.95 can be canceled anytime

• Is paid
• Free streaming has ad pop-ups which are sometimes too frequent
• Only the paid members enjoy its most premium features and facilities
• Only high-quality anime is available here

Wrapping Up:

So these were some of the best anime streaming websites for free anime. This is what we personally found after analyzing their ratings, popularity level, reviews, and fan-base. None of the websites have been ranked here. This is just a list showcasing the best anime streaming websites for free anime. Sites like Animalab, Crunchyroll, Viewster are legal and valid. If you are willing to pay, these websites are undoubtedly the best options you can choose one from.

So what are you guys waiting for? Connect your devices to the blazing internet and start streaming your favorite anime right away.

Let us know if you already know more about these sites. Share them via comments and do spread this piece with others because Sharing is Caring.

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