11 Best Gadgets to buy and try your hands on in the future

11 Best Gadgets to buy and try your hands on in the future

Technology is all about future and the future looked quite bright at the CES 2018. We are still curing our hangover of the event as we saw some mind-babbling gadgets there. Though the devices showcased at such events are not always what you can buy in the near future but hey, who doesn’t love a sneak peek of what tech giants are working on?

To show you a glimpse of the tech ready future, we have compiled a list of 11 best tech gadgets of 2018 from CES stage. After reading you might find the current latest gadgets in the market, the talk of the past.

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11 Best Gadgets to buy and try your hands on in the future

We often address tech gadgets as “toys for boys”. But there is no gender discrimination here. Let’s begin.

11. Lenovo Smart Display      

Lenovo is already taking China gadget industry by storm. Now in the international market, taking on the rival Amazon Echo, Chinese tech giant Lenovo unveiled the Lenovo Smart display powered by Google Assistant. Just like Amazon’s Echo, this device is voice-activated with a sleek display to show the search results on.


  • The major advantage of Smart Display over Amazon Echo is that it can stream YouTube videos
  • Larger display
  • Beautifully designed to easily go with any home decor

10. L’Oreal UV Sense

This small piece of technology is a sensor designed to analyze your ultraviolet exposure and is so tiny that you can comfortably wear it on your fingernail. It comprises of NFC antenna, UV sensor, and a temperature sensor. It is designed by the beauty company in collaboration with designer Yves Behar.


  • The sensor can store up to 3 months of data and passes it to the accompanying app through NFC transfer
  • Keeps track of your UV exposure
  • Provide tips to manage the UV intake
  • Developers might add other areas where you can wear this device on your body 

9. Honda’s Concept Robots           

Don’t take the cute look of these robots for anything. These are as efficient as they look cute. These are based on, as Honda like to call it, 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy). Honda, through these robots, wants to represent the idea that robots too can provide a sense of compassion and emotions.


  • Robot 3E-A18 focuses to represent the social empathy. The frequent change of expression on the glowing face of the robot at the CES stage supported this
  • Model 3E-B18 is mainly a robotic chair
  • While robot 3E-C18 focuses on delivering cargo

8. Samsung’s “The Wall”          

Size does matter, right? (pun intended) That’s the case with Samsung’s 146 inches modular TV, The Wall. Samsung, working on the idea that every individual wants a screen size based on his/her requirement, developed this TV. Users can alter the size of the wall as per their need.


  • A bumper 146-inch display
  • Uses MicroLED technology

7. Vuzix Blade Augmented Reality Glasses

Alexa is making its steps in almost every internet connected device on the planet. The next on this list is the Vuzix Blade smart glasses. With the help of Alexa, users can ask for things like weather and directions.


  • Much comfort to wear as compared to Google glass

6. Philips Smartsleep           

This isn’t the traditional smart headband that helps you sleep. Instead, once you have fallen asleep, this will help you get the most of your sleep. As per Philips, this SmartSleep emits a tone that improves slow-wave sleep, a stage in the sleep cycle at which brain waves and breathing are at the slowest.


  • Referring to the studies, Philips says that this kind of sleep help can help boost alertness and the ability to maintain focus.
  • Comprise of 2 sensors; one to detect when you fall asleep and the second to know when you enter deep sleep.
  • Based on the data from the 2 sensors, the headband adjusts the volume of the tone being emitted that will help boost the slow-wave sleep, as per the company.

5. MARs Earbuds        

The reviewers did not appreciate the Google Pixel earbuds which attempted to translate what is being said in real time. The new MARs earbuds are here to offer a best of what Google was trying to. These are developed by Line and Naver.


  • Wireless
  • Comes in handy when you are communicating with a person who doesn’t speak your language

4. LG Rollable TV      

Well, how about a TV you can carry in a case? Sounds crazy, eh? Well, LG doesn’t agree with you. They have come with a TV which you can roll down into a case and can roll it up wherever you like to watch your favorite movie or TV show.


  • 65 inch of display

3. LOOMO        

Segway, the developer of Loomo robot, once used to manufacture personal scooters, now they are making their way into the world of robots. Loomo comes in various models.


  • Equipped with facial recognition
  • The prototype of Loomo is part hoverboard and part autonomous robot
  • The business model of this robot is capable to carry about 100 kg of weight and Segway hope to use it as commercial baggage carrier in future

2. Vaonis Stellina           

Vaonis stellina is your technology mixed with stargazing. It is a robotic telescope that lets you click the photographs of the night sky at the push of a button. Just use the device’s accompanying mobile app and let the GPS know your location. All set? Select a constellation you want to capture in your lens and let Vaonis Stellina do the rest (winks!)


  • GPS enabled

1.Byton Concept Car

With this concept car, Byton wants to bring the luxury of your home straight to your car. The vehicle’s most promising feature is its big ass screen which stretches out to the entire dashboard. As it comes with facial recognition technology, it can identify the driver and load the personalized settings for him/her.


  • Giant screen
  • Can personalize itself based on the saved settings for different drivers
  • Speculated to launch in 2020 in the U.S. 

Our Verdict:

So these were our best hand-picked new gadgets from the CES 2018. Many of them won’t make it to the market in the near future, but hey, good things come to those who wait. So sit back and enjoy the glimpse of the future we just gave guy through our list of these cool gadgets.

Also, do let us know in the comments which gadget you liked the most from the list and which you didn’t found interesting. Keep coming for more new tech!        

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