Top 11 DSLR Cameras to buy in 2018- For Beginners and Professionals

Top 11 DSLR Cameras to buy in 2018- For Beginners and Professionals

The DSLR or the digital SLR has been the go-to for anyone who wants to take professional looking pictures. You can be a pro or a beginner and still use a DSLR efficiently. They are one of the best cameras invented, simply because they have the most megapixels, the highest quality of lenses and of course the largest sensors. But creating the most outstanding images at a budget-friendly price can be quite a difficult task to do.

We’ve got you covered with the 11 best DSLR cameras to buy in 2018 for your entry level, semi-pro, and even professional needs, no matter what your price range is and in the end we reveal our favorite pick for 2018. Happy shooting!

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What are DSLRs?

A DSLR camera has removable lenses to enable the attachment of different optics and hence click very beautiful pictures. This allows you to build up to different kinds of lenses as you go along and learn more about photography and cameras. With any of the following DSLR Cameras, you can click your pictures and can combine with WhatsApp Unknown Tricks to make your Online presence more effective and viral.

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List of the Best DSLR Cameras to Buy in 2018

1. Nikon D850

  • High speed meets high resolution.
  • Price: $1496.95
  • User level: Professional


This DSLR may look seem expensive but the 45.4MP, sophisticated 153-point autofocus, and 7fps shooting speed make it the ultimate DSLR. The 3.2” tilt touchscreen which promises excellent performance along with the 45.4MP sensor that delivers stunning noise performance comes wrapped up in a magnificent magnesium alloy body.

2. Nikon D500

  • Go to for the best action photographer
  • Price: $1896.95
  • User level: Professional



Nikon D500 promises all the high-end features expected from Nikon, in a smaller but durable rugged metal body. The APS-C CMOS sensor and 20.9MP resolution along with 10fps shooting speed make it a good performer. The brilliant 153- point autofocus enables it to capture fast action like wildlife photography or sports. However, the 20.9MP resolution makes it a letdown when the price is taken into account.

3. Nikon D7500

  • An all-rounder that makes an amateur feel like a pro.
  • User level: Amateur
  • Price:$1876


More budget friendly than the other Nikon DSLRs, the D7500 has the same 20.9MP sensor in a more affordable and compact body. The enhanced 51- point Autofocus, title angle touchscreen and 4k video capture make it one of the best professional cameras for beginners. The 8fps shooting speed and SD card slot makes it a good option for amateurs.

4. Canon EOS 7D Mark II

  • Pro DSLR speed at an amateur price tag.
  • User level: Professional
  • Price:$1384

canon_EOS_7D_Mark _II

This Canon product with its tough alloy body, 10fps shooting speed and dual pixel hybrid 65-point autofocus allows you to shoot sports and actions like a pro at an amateur price. The 20.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor and weather sealed controls make this a powerful video camera as well.

5. Nikon D3400

  • Nikon’s attempt at basic but brilliant
  • User level: Amateur
  • Price: $562


At an excellent price, the D3400 has an unexpectedly sharp 24.2 APS-C CMOS sensor and a retracting kit lens. This DSLR proves that a great camera can come at a great price too. The 3” screen and 11-point autofocus along with simple to use controls makes it super easy for even a first timer to use. The 5fps shooting speed and 1080 video resolution make it the best DSLR camera for beginners.

6. Canon EOS 800D

  • When A+ ergonomics meets a top notch sensor.
  • User level: Amateur
  • Price :$749


This user-friendly DSLR comes with a 45- point autofocus and 24.2 APS-C CMOS sensor all packaged in a plastic exterior. The 6fps shooting speed, 3” touch screen, and 1080p video resolution make it an all-rounder at the price it is offered at.

7. Nikon D810

  • Nikon combines a solid build with sky-high resolution.
  • User level: professional
  • Price: $2796


Nikon’s D810 comes at a great value for the features it offers 51-point autofocus, 36.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor and 5fps shooting speed. However, the shooting speed may be a bit restrictive for those who are into action, sports or wildlife photography. The 3.2” screen and 1080 video resolution come for a good price.

Overall, this DSLR delivers stunning images with sharp details and it’s tough built makes it perfect to take on the most difficult photo-shoots

8. Pentax K-1

  • Offers a lot at a competitive price.
  • User level: Professional/ Amateur
  • Price:$1797


Pentax’s K-1 offers a full frame sensor for the first time and does not disappoint with its competitive price. The 33-point autofocus, 3.2” tilting screen and 36MP make it a great choice for landscape and still life photography.

Also, it’s unique pixel shift technology enables different quality pictures when the camera is handheld, though the change is subtle. The 4.4.fps and subpar video quality shooting speed may put it at a disadvantage for those who require fast shooting. The price, it is offered at, makes it the cheapest full frame camera on this list.

9. Nikon D7200 ($797)

  • Built to last with high image quality
  • User level: Semi-pro
  • Price: $687


This Nikon product is created for travel and outdoor photography with its weather sealing, 51- point auto focus, long battery life, and 24.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor. Other stand out features include ISO sensitivity, focus points, good low light sensitivity, 6fps shooting speed and of course the affordable price tag. The near field communication and inbuilt WI-FI make instant sharing super easy. Many big photographers who shoot for Online Live Sports Websites use this sleek beauty for professional as well as home purposes.

10. Sony Alpha A7R III

  • Sony combines high resolution with a performance boost
  • User level: Professional
  • Price: $3198


Sony has slowly but surely changed the idea that a professional full frame camera could only be produced by Canon or Nikon. With this DSLR, Sony has taken one of the market’s most favorite mirrorless camera and given it a performance boost to make it one of the most versatile DSLR’s available in the market today.

The advanced 10fps shooting speed and 42.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor make what may seem like a hefty price tag, totally worth it. Don’t sacrifice resolution for performance or vice versa, with the Sony Alpha A7R III

11. Fujifilm X-T2

  • The perfect combination of features
  • User level: Amateur/ Semi-pro/ professionals
  • Price: $1598


The X-T2 may seem familiar at the first glance, but Fujifilm’s follow up mirrorless camera has had some huge improvements. One of the biggest updates being the 8fps shooting speed compared to the previous X-T1. Another huge leap forwards us the autofocus tracking of moving objects/people.

The sophisticated 3” screen and 24.3MP APS-C CMOS is impressive. The clear rear display, 8fps shooting speed and bright EVF makes it one of the coolest cameras on the market!

Which is the best DSLR camera? Our Verdict:

In conclusion, we pick Fujifilm X- T2 as the best DSLR in the top 11 DSLR cameras to buy in 2018! With its brilliant autofocus system, updated sensor, lovely handling bring and large EVF, film simulation modes and pin sharp images, the Fujifilm X-T2 is the best professional camera for photographing models. The only con that could be found in the absence of a touchscreen but the other stand out features of this DSLR make you forget that.

X- T2, is a sophisticated and polished DSLR which is lighter than most DSLR’s making it easier to carry around. It also delivers reliable and fast performance when compared to other cameras in the market and the fast shooting speed makes it the right DSLR for action. You must watch Anime Shows on Android, such Animations can also be captured using DSLR Cameras.

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