Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs HULU – A Vital Comparison

Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs HULU – A Vital Comparison: Television and Cable Networks has become an obsolete talk these days. People now want more variety and feasibility while looking for some good TV shows online. The unnecessary advertisement is also responsible for this paradigm shift of TV shows watchers. Gone are the days when the whole family used to sit together to watch the same show over and over again. Keeping in mind the different taste of individuals as far as TV shows are concerned, the Online TV services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime emerged.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs HULU

While its hard to reach a point where you can pick one from these three services. The reason being the different functionalities and features available to them. And also the different like for shows of people. Some people prefer one over the another while others like to have all three jumbled together. But as money matters, many want it to be reviewed so as to choose the best of these three services.

Since you are here, you must be having the same question in your mind, “Which one to choose between Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime?” We, here, have made a small comparison between these three services on the basis of some listed parameters, so that you can choose the best service for you and your family. Go through the whole article and you will notice that the breakdown has really helped you to choose the One you were looking for.

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1. Price: Since it is the first thing that really matters

HULU: It charges $8 for the regular version of the service which comes within between show ads, that may frustrate you sometimes because of the repetition of the ads. It also offers you $12 subscription which allows you to watch your favorite shows with an ad-free experience. Not only this, HULU also offers a free version with a restricted access to the library.

Netflix: Same as HULU, Netflix subscription is available for as low as $8 per month. But, this allows only one device to be connected at a time. For $11 you can have access to much larger niche and two devices can share the connection. For a premium of $14, you can have access Ultra-HD videos and can share the connection with up to 4 devices at a time.

Amazon: Its subscription is available in two versions- $11 per month or $99 annually. Buying it with Amazon can open your gates to many offers on its vast shopping website. You get a two -day delivery, many items at a discounted price. With this, you also get free videos and music streaming, which otherwise would cost you some pennies. If you wish for 4K Ultra HD Content, you can get it on Amazon without investing extra money.

Winner: If you are looking for the best deal for the price you spend, then going with Amazon would be the option we suggest you. Its endless benefits and out of the box service will be your choice for sure.

2. Original Shows: The Foundation that holds the building together

Netflix: Netflix is the first option that has the dominance over Original Series. It started in 2012 with the lone TV Series, Lilyhammer. From there till now, Netflix has invested an immense amount of money creating Original TV series like Stranger Thing, Narcos and Big Mouth for kids. It has been working to give the best of shows to every kind of audience.

HULU: Keeping up the pace with Netflix, Hulu is also working tremendously to give audience attracting shows like The Path or Battleground. But, it has a long way to go. Its show, The Handmaid’s Tale, is getting widest recognition all over the world.

Amazon Prime: Amazon has been doing a great job creating a vast range of original series. It has Shows like The Grand Tour and One Mississippi that has bound the audience to the big brand for some time now.

Winner: Although, the competition on Originality is quite close, if you want your playlist to be filled with some of the best original series, then close your eyes and push the Netflix button without a second thought. Its vast library allows you to watch new seasons and episodes exclusively.

3. Device Support: Functionality with anything, anywhere.

Netflix: Netflix is available almost everywhere with compatibility with almost all the available devices in an around the world. It’s compatible with most of the smart TV’s, Streaming Media Players and even gaming consoles. There are several smart devices that come with built-in Netflix connection, you just need to buy the subscription.

HULU: Following the footsteps of Netflix, Hulu has also made its availability across all big service providers like Apple TV, PS4, Chromecast and many others. HULU is available for Smartphones and Amazon Kindle Fire. If you don’t want to download the official HULU app, you can access and stream it on any Browser on your mobile phone.

Amazon Prime: When it comes to supported devices, Amazon has put some restriction on its access. Amazon Prime videos can be watched on the compatible Amazon own Fire TV, Streaming Media Players, Smart TV and most of the gaming consoles. It is accessible from smartphones and tablets that has internet access. Blu-ray players are also a great option to watch and stream movies online on Amazon Prime. Just sign in with your Amazon Account and get access to your Prime Account.

Winners: Netflix wins this time too. With a great number of supported devices and the daily updating list, Netflix is available on most of the places around the world with any of the Netflix supported Devices. It definitely has an upper hand here too.

4. New Content Release: One that holds the gums together

Amazon: You can find latest episodes added to your list of subscribed channels. Although, the refresh rate is not so fast you can get the episodes of the Amazon original series way faster than the third party shows. Amazon allows you to watch live channels to get the newest shows as it goes on air.

HULU: If you want to watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows before anyone else, then you must choose HULU. It adds news shows and episodes within a short period of its release and this has become its specialty. You can watch latest anime episodes and online live sports on HULU too.

Netflix: Netflix loses its ground when it comes to the airing of the new episodes. As it somehow favors more than the third party shows. It takes as long as a year for some shows to appear on Netflix. And, even if one appears before the time decided, it may have a whole lot disturbing advertisements.

Winner: Clearly, as we see, HULU has been the best choice for anyone to stream latest movies online. But, if you go with a free version of the service, you will have to face the hectic advertisements over and over again. To avoid those, you must go with the $12 package to have an ad-free live TV experience.

5. GUI and Video Quality: The best Viewing Experience

When it comes to user Interface and picture quality, Netflix beats all its competitors and stands tall with its exceptionally well-organized library and best searching options available. The picture quality too is same and well compatible with its other rivals. its universal design allows anyone to access the same application seamlessly independent of the platform it is used on. But, it charges extra for its HDR quality streams which cost up to $12 per month.

HULU also arranges your playlist in a great way so that you can keep track of your watched shows. The free 4K video quality allows you watch all shows in high-quality. But, the free HD video quality is supported only by limited devices like XBOX One S.

Amazon gets some sighs when it comes to the User Interface and it has some distracting elements. Since it is new to the domain, it keeps making changes every day and is thus advancing towards a great future of Online Live TV Series and Best Anime Streaming. As far as the Video and Audio Quality of Amazon is concerned, it gives the best high-quality videos without any extra charge unlike other services

Winner: Dominating the market, Netflix has it all that one needs for a good entertaining hour of fun. With the summation of good picture quality and a great interface, it allows you to watch and stream great available content seamlessly.

Final Verdict:

Having gone through and comparing all the three Online Shows and Live Sports Services, it is actually easy to choose the final winner. Netflix is working in the field for a long time now, has gained much popularity around the world and this has pressurized it to work on most of its shortcomings.

Lately, it has been able to work on almost each one of these. Not far behind, HULU and Amazon are also catching up the pace with Netflix and in the years to come, we would not be shocked to see the cards turned. Ultimately, it would be us, the users, who will be getting some benefits out of it.

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