Most Dangerous Computer Virus Ever – Types and Definitions

Most Dangerous Computer Virus Ever – Types and Definitions: Imagine what would happen if a country goes on a war without any firearms. Imaginable? Sure not, the same will happen to your PC. Viruses are the enemy of your PC, if not killed will kill your computer system. The virus is not a single threat that can harm your PC and make it behave inquisitive but many other programs such as Malware, Ransomware, data-stealing trojans, adware, rootkits, spyware and the list continues. This article presents you the most dangerous virus and best free antivirus 2018.

Most Dangerous Computer Virus Ever- Types and Definitions

Let us now briefly discuss these programs are how much it can harm your system and Why is it important to have your system protected all the time:

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What is a Virus:

Just like a flu virus, that spreads from one person to another and has the ability to recreate itself. Like, for the computer virus your PC is the host and it spreads from one PC to another by the means of file transfer. More specifically, a virus is a type of rancorous code of which the prime aim is to revamp the operation of a computing system. A virus has the ability to cause abnormal effects, such as spoiling the PC’s operating system by corrupting core system files. And, this is not just about a Computer but even if you use mobile phones to download games on Android or watch Shows online, a virus may harm it as well.

Once reaching in the victim’s computer, the virus can stay invisible to us without showing any signs of threat, but once executed infects your as well as the computer systems connected to your PC on the same network.

In today’s time, everyone is constantly connected to the internet. Many of us often download latest songs, movies or documents related to some academics, downloading the latest apps or games and other daily activity that we perform online. This is where the virus enters your PC and make it infected. It is always advisable to be cautious while browsing the internet, downloading new files, or even opening email attachments.

If you use the Internet to watch latest Anime Shows online, then you must be aware of dangerous links and websites that could download Virus on your computer.

What is a Malware:

Malicious Software is derived from the word Malware. It is a harmful software that is created with the main motive of corrupting the data, stealing it and making the system no longer function properly.
Many criminals, hackers, and other organizations are constantly developing new and serious malware that is used in order to perform internet crime. The malware was once just a prank software used for fun but ultimately turned into a harmful and destructive software targeted to harm other systems. Today malware like adware, spyware, ransomware, and others are on the rise.

What is a Trojan Horse:

This is a type of malware that impersonates itself as a harmless software. Once the software containing trojan is run on your system, it spreads instantly to all parts of your PC, making it unsafe. After activation, the trojan malware empowers hackers to gain full access to your computer data, personal files and letting them spy on you.

The hackers can easily perform functions like deleting, modifying, copying or blocking data. Not only that, they can even make your computer really slow and not workable. Some common trojans are backdoor to the trojan, exploit, rootkit, Trojan-Banker, DDoS and much more. It is always advisable not to download the software from unknown sources and unknown developers whose identity looks questionable to you.

What is an Adware:

Are advertisements annoying? Have you ever wondered what causes such annoying ads take over your computer and display useless, unknown and provoking content without your permission? That’s adware in action. Adware is generally a computer application that is responsible for displaying pesky advertisements. The ads interrupt your work and show up in the middle of a movie, important level in your game or any other important thing that you might be doing.

The adware is created in order to get extra profit while doing nothing. Some random application developer develops a useless application and when you download that application, it takes over your system and floods it with advertisement banners, pop-ups, homepage, dialog-boxes and many other ways.

Despite displaying adverts, it collects user data and internet surfing habits and then this data is used to display the ads related to your internet browsing or online shopping history. If the collection of data is done secretly then that software is called spyware. You must have visited many websites with loads of ads flowing over the screen. One click and these ads can download a number of the virus on your PC. Hence, always use good websites to watch live sports online.

What is a Spyware:

This is a software like the adware, except the victim, has no idea about its presence on their computer system. Many argue about spyware being harmful or not. Though at many places it is installed purposely for harmless reasons. Spywares also referred to as tracking software as it can track user’s data, location, and online activity. Many large corporates use this software in order to keep an eye on their employees and make sure that no one is doing unnecessary stuff during office hours.

But when the same software is used illegally, might lead a danger to one’s privacy. If someone’s computing is infected with the abused spyware software, it might spy the location, can turn on the camera, microphones, keystrokes and transmit all the private data to the hacker.

What is a Ransomware:

It is a part of malware, and one of the most dangerous security threat to the systems. They can spread through malicious websites, software that is typically from unknown sources, infected external drives, remote desktop protocols and many other ways.

Once in your system, it will lock it down and demand money from you in order to decrypt the system. This is not a silent attack unlike other viruses and malware but the victim is made to know that their PC has been compromised and if then need the access back, have to pay some amount to the hacker, usually in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

In that way, the identity of the hacker is never known. In past, there were many ransomware attacks took place but two of them, CryptoLocker and WannaCry, be the most popular ones. To be on the safer side, users are advised to back up their system files on a regular basis and should be aware before clicking on suspicious links.

What are Worms:

Like viruses, a computer worm a self-regenerating malicious software that increases it’s number and spread to new computers that are uninfected. They are invisible to the user and keep itself disguised within the operating system. Many times while regenerating itself, makes the computer system slower and unresponsive due to the consumption of system resources i.e memory, storage etc.

Once getting into any system by the means of infected disks, storage media, and other sources, it does not need any user interaction. It spreads on its own. While being active in the computing system, it affects other uninfected systems through vulnerabilities and weak protocols. One should always take care before plugging in the external media drives to your systems, clicking on unknown email attachments and visiting nonsecure websites.

What is a Rootkit:

It is usually a collection of different software assigned to perform the different set of functions altogether. A hacker might able to successfully install the rootkit on victims computer by cracking the password or gaining access to the computer secretly, without the user’s knowledge. Once successfully installed on a system, it gives root privilege to the hacker and makes him the administrator of your system. He can then, modify your system, install other malware, and can spy on you whenever he wants.

All your personal data will be accessible by the hacker, what you type on your keyboard, what you search on the internet, what you download and all the activities you perform on your PC won’t be personal anymore. A rootkit is very difficult to detect and might be present in any form of data.

If you don’t want to be a victim of these types of perilous attacks then you must have a virus protection programme specifically an antivirus software that will protect you and your data from getting compromised. Today’s antivirus software is so advanced that it keeps your system discrete from Viruses, Malware, Trojans and other security threats.

Now, you are aware of the most dangerous virus of this time on the Internet. Therefore, to protect yourself, you must download good quality free anti-virus on your PC and Smartphone.

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