Investment in which Cryptocurrency can make you Super Rich?

Cryptocurrency or you can call it the money of the future, is a digital form of money that can be used a number of places to purchase, exchange and utilize many services around the globe. It’s not in the physical form, unlike other currencies that are printed on paper or coins. It’s probably the most secure form of money that is unregulated and user dominated.

Investment in which Cryptocurrency can make you Super Rich?

It was developed in order to make the online transactions more secure and private. The production of cryptocurrency is usually capped making it better and more valuable than the regular money where banks or central government controls the allocation of money by printing it according to the needs of central banks.

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Before jumping to the roof, let’s us be clear of the foundation. Let’s discuss the most popular cryptocurrencies ruling the market along with their special features:

1) Bitcoin (BTC)

This is the father of all cryptocurrencies that have ever been produced. This was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is currently the most popular out of all the cryptocurrencies because of the special concept it’s based on and being the oldest cryptocurrency in the world. It can also be classified as the finest of all cryptocurrencies because all other cryptocurrencies are compared in terms of BTC.



  •  It is a better e-cash. Once transferred, it can’t be returned back, in simple words, it’s irreversible.
  • It can be easily divisible up to 8 decimal places and could be further extended on demand.
  • The processing fee on the bitcoin is very minimal, making it stand apart from the other cryptocurrencies.

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2) Litecoin (LTC)

As compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin is faster and reliable. Mining of Litecoin usually takes much lesser as compared to the BTC. In order to make the transition a breeze, it uses Scrypt encryption technology. The total circulating amount of Litecoin is four times that of bitcoin.



  • The Simpler algorithm makes the generation and mining four times faster.
  • After performing across chain atomic swap, Litecoin now allows the user to exchange cryptocurrencies directly without the need of any third party exchange system.

3) Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum has a very special functionality that’s known as the “smart contracts” feature that makes it secure against fraud, promises no downtime and is not related to any third party interference. A huge market share of $4.46 billion makes Ethereum one of the leading cryptocurrency next to the bitcoin.



  •  It can be used as a platform for developing new tokens.
  • Uses the smart contracts feature that is more secure than other cryptocurrencies.

4) Zcash


Launched two years ago (2016) is another decentralized cryptocurrency that is gaining popularity in recent days due to its privacy and transparency during trades. It claims to be more secure than the bitcoin because all the transitions are recorded and printed within a secure system making the trader’s identity confidential. It uses the zero knowledge or zk-Snark encryption developed by the company itself.


  •  Uses the proofing method, maintaining the record of traders while making their identity confidential.

5) Dash

Also known as Darkcoin is the more classified version of bitcoin. Developed by Evan Duffield in January 2014, is gaining popularity slowly because of the privacy it offers. The transaction made using Darkcoin or dash are untraceable because of a decentralized private master code network that it’s based upon.



  •  Make use of bi-tire architecture to run its system.
  • Based on DAO, decentral autonomous organization in general.
  •  Might be the best anonymous transition cryptocurrency that uses a feature known as “Privatesend”.

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6) Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is another popular and well know cryptocurrency that is used by many traders and banks due to it’s lower costs and fast transfers internationally. It was released back in 2012 and has gained a market share of $1.25 billion. It does not need processing power because it does not require mining.



  •  It is not a regular cryptocurrency, unlike bitcoin, Litecoin etc. and in order to purchase it, one needs to buy currency for other exchanges.
  • It is supported by many financial firms and banks worldwide.
  • It is not possible to mine a ripple.

7) Monero (XMR)

Like the dark coin, Monero is also another privacy-focused cryptocurrency. It can be traced and all the traders dealing within the Monero ecosystem remain fully confidential. The transactions are secure and fast. It was found in 2014 and is a donation based, community-driven concept to provide secure payment options other than bitcoin.



  •  It uses the kryptonite pow hash algorithm that is originated from the CryptoNote protocol.
  • It is regeneratable and can be generated by using a single unit of this currency.

Why invest in the cryptocurrencies?

If you’ve ever heard about the huge success made by bitcoin last year that turned $300 to $16,400 per unit, you might be thinking of trying your hands on the cryptocurrency world to gain some fortune. Many people who invested in bitcoin are now richer and consider themselves lucky. Many researchers are seeing cryptocurrency as the money of the coming future and will soon replace the currencies like dollar, euros, rupees and will become the first ever nonphysical currency.

If you own a bitcoin, you own a share in the multi-billion industry and get secured for the future. If bitcoin ever becomes the standard currency then per unit would cost nearly 10K Dollars. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a sure way to make huge profits silently.

There are three good reasons to make your investment in cryptocurrency. First, you want to be on the safer side of the continuous rise and fall of dollars. Secondly, you have a wider and prominent vision for the future of cryptocurrencies. Last but not least, because you can!

If you plan to invest in the digital, noncentralized currency then you might consider investing in Bitcoin, being the most profitable and the father of all the cryptocurrencies. But according to today’s market scenario, you can go for Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin.

A few years ago, buying a cryptocurrency was something very confusing and difficult, but today in 2018 it’s never been much easier with a lot of sources from where you can buy your favorite cryptocurrency.

Many investment firms have setups their own bitcoin-based financial product like XBT Tracker for Swedish and German exchanges, BIT or bitcoin investment trust based in the USA, the Bitcoin ETI Germany and some more such investment firms that enable the investors to make the bid on the bitcoin without the need of purchasing a real one.

But if you don’t like this idea of bidding on bitcoins and want to purchase a real bitcoin and avoid the hefty fees of investment firms, then you can easily start buying bitcoins directly on exchanges listed below. These are the best website to earn by investing in cryptocurrency. Everything is going online in this era of digitalization and so are the viewers of television. Be it watching Live Sports Online or Downloading latest movies.

Here is the list of some popular websites for Cryptocurrency(worldwide)

  • Europeans can use websites like:
  2. Kraken
  • USA residents can use:
  1. Coinbase
  2. BitFinex
  3. BitStamp
  4.  Gemini
  • Asians can use:
  1. BTCChina
  2. BitFlyer
  3. OkCoin

All you need to do is, creating an account on any of the above websites depending on the region you live in, verify your identity, and add funds to your account of your native currency. You need to decide which exchange you want to use. It’s always better to use the exchange dependant on your area. In case you want to play huge, and decided to purchase a large sum of bitcoins then you might select an exchange with the faster exchange rate and liquidity.

If you have your eyes on other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin, then you might consider the following websites that deal in LitecoinsEthereumRippleMonero and more.

  1. Bithumb
  2. Bittrex
  3. Poloniex
  4. Yunbi

After you successfully purchased the desired cryptocurrency, you can store them safely by yourself using crypto wallet. One of the most secure ways to store bitcoin is to store them in hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor. For other cryptocurrencies, you can use light wallet like ‘Exodus’.

Today, due to the growing share of cryptocurrencies in the market, everyone wants to invest in them to make a good fortune. In order to keep pace with the cryptocurrency, our list of top 10 Android and iPhone apps for cryptocurrency will make your job pretty easy by providing you an organized and user-friendly platform to keep an eye on your favorite cryptocurrency.

Final Words:

It is extremely crucial to gain some proper knowledge before making any type of investments in the world of cryptocurrency. The concept of cryptocurrencies is still new to the world and would take a while to know if it’s any worth your money. You need to have a proper knowledge of how cryptos work, how can you keep them safe and how to sell them. These things are must in order to be on the safer side.

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