Top Education Website To Study Online For Any Exam For Free

Top Education Website To Study Online For Any Exam For Free

Education affords immense power and is viewed globally as a sure-fire route to success. In order to stand out and succeed in the current technologically driven marketplace, it is a must to study continually to gain knowledge and qualifications accordingly. Demand for knowledgeable professionals in this booming economy is at an all-time high. Employers cause increased competition in their quest to hire individuals with advanced analytical and technical expertise.

Top Education Website To Study Online For Any Exam For Free

Nowadays, employers’ demands are explicitly stated; therefore, granting students insight on which course to pursue. To accommodate an ever-increasing demand for accessible knowledge, numerous universities are providing courses which can be accessed whenever or wherever needed.

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Consequently, e-courses are revolutionizing countries where traditional learning is riddled with challenges. Furthermore, these online courses cost little to nothing. So here’s a comprehensive list of the best 15 education websites to study online for free. While learning you must secure your presence over the Internet by using these free proxy sites.

The best and top websites to learn and study free of cost

15. Future Learn

Future Learn is an ideal educational website for teachers as well as students. Here, shorter courses last three weeks while longer courses last 10. This platform has both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering quizzes and certificates for every completed course.


In the free version a course, including its quizzes, peer step reviews, videos, and articles, is accessible for two weeks after its completion. Course activities are divided by weeks and must be completed within a given time frame.

Videos and articles are followed by small quizzes, and even during a video, students are allowed to comment and clarify their doubts. At Future Learn one must join a discussion with fellow learners to test their understanding.

14. Engineering for Change

Engineering for Change (E4C) was developed for empowering the international engineering community through education, so they, in turn, could assist in ameliorating the quality of life. This platform does not offer educational courses.


Instead, they provide insight to educated engineers, for conceptualizing new ideas and implementing them to develop sustainable systems. E4C aims to highlight deserving topics for global development and insert informed opinions of leading global scholars.

13. Canvas Network

Canvas Network is a brilliant open learning platform, which means that users from across the globe can gain access to courses presented, without sharing personal information. A course once started is available permanently even after its end date. Courses posted on this network have an open license and can, therefore, be reused, revised, retained, remixed and redistributed by other instructors.


Canvas Network also allows integration of network with innovative third-party tools. Moreover, data available here can be utilized by researchers for analyzing and synthesis. Here, students are urged to experiment freely.

12. Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative

Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative presents courses that proactively engage students and motivate them to apply acquired knowledge, thereby, assessing their progress. Special features of this program allow students to memorize facts easily while comprehending concepts.


Numerous practice activities, graded assessments, and self-assessments act as a simulator assisting in effective learning. After learning a concept students must answer related questions that allow this interactive platform to inform them of their strong suits, and aspects that necessitate improvement.

11. Open Yale Course

OYC or Open Yale Course offers selected Yale courses, complete with lectures and study materials absolutely free of cost. Courses offered span the entire range of liberal arts disciplines, namely, humanities, biological sciences, physical sciences and social sciences.


Students aren’t required to register and no certificate or degree is offered for completed courses. Here, course material is self-paced and free to download.

Be it high school students or lifelong learners everyone can learn and develop expertise in various fields. Additionally, OYC courses are inclusive of syllabi, assignments with solutions, problem sets and suggested reading materials.

10. Cosmo Learning

Cosmo Learning’s principal objective is providing free access to course material authored by leading scholars. This user-friendly and innovative platform collects and organizes educational content on behalf of students who are unable to spare time. Users aren’t required to sign up or enroll in any course to view videos and documentaries.


Be it makeup tutorials, gymnastics or calculus, this platform has all-inclusive tutorials on a wide array of topics. As students, creators of Cosmo Learning had to search the internet thoroughly for information, which led them to curate content on various topics available under the public domain.

9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers courses for children of all ages via its fun learning platform. Teachers, students, and parents can sign up on this platform. However, only children receive an option to make avatars and earn badges by learning and answering questions. While teachers benefit from innovative methods of teaching, parents monitor their child’s education and discover useful tips to assist them in quick and easy learning.


Here, courses are self-paced making it easier for beginners to adapt without pressure, and a regular user to set their own speed. Furthermore, some topics are specifically created according to the Indian curriculum. This user-friendly platform offers animation, computer science, coding, and arts and humanities courses.

8. Alison

Alison provides free online courses for certificate and diploma levels. It was founded in 2007 to offer a free educational platform irrespective of geographical or economic barriers.


Currently, it caters to several million users with more users signing up for their courses every day. They believe that education first empowers an individual and eventually an entire nation. Owing to its pioneering work, Alison has received numerous accolades including UNESCO award for innovation in ICT for Education in 2011.

Followed by, 2013’s World Innovation Summit for Education Award (WISE). Alison was among the first free educational platforms to employ a sustainable self-funding model.

7. Code Academy

Code Academy is the best online learning site for programming for beginners. Beginners might often be confused or overwhelmed at the aspect of creating lengthy programs. However, with Code Academy’s free and interactive beginner friendly platform, this process stands simplified.


Most beginners give up programming as setting up for backend programming demands plenty of time and effort. Nonetheless, this platform teaches syntax through browsers, without any setup. This platform is ideal for total beginners. Since, they tend to have the patience for installing software, reconfiguring permissions and figuring out how to connect browsers after gaining basic programming experience.

Code Academy offers tutorials on a wide array of programming languages including CSS, HTML, Sass, JavaScript, Rails, ReactJs, AngularJs, Ruby, SQL and Java.

6. Google Developers

Google offers a comprehensive training guide for developers. Ranging from Android apps to web apps, courses for both beginners and advanced developers are available. Through its program, Google teaches programming and marketing of apps created through its platforms.


Additionally, certification for every course and level is provided. First, complete your training, next, answer an examination, and then face an interview to earn an advanced certification as recognition of your skills.

Google offers basic courses for entrepreneurship encompassing product design, app marketing, setting up a start-up, rapid prototyping and app monetization. While this program may not be for everyone, developers certainly benefit a great deal from it. While using Online resources, you must secure your Computer Offline and Online with the best free Anti-Virus Service.

5. Big Think

Big Think is a platform where experts impart knowledge on a multitude of topics. More than 2,000 individuals, who are renowned for their forte, write articles or create podcasts for students. This allows them to gain knowledge on current affairs and opinions of experts, thereby encouraging the formation of unique ideologies.


It is a great platform to challenge preconceived notions and introduce a new train of thought for any topic. In simplest terms, Big Think is inspirational in nature and experts believe it helps recharge mental batteries.

4. Academic Earth

Founded in 2009, Academic Earth offers free online video lectures for degree courses ranging from engineering to accounting and economics. This platform, in collaboration with leading universities including UCLA, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Harvard, University of Michigan and UC Berkeley, offers general and subject-specific courses.


Here, videos and podcasts of varying topics keep students engaged in gaining knowledge. Furthermore, Academic Earth creates podcast playlists answering intriguing questions, which result in enhanced comprehension of key concepts.

3. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library, providing public access to digital copies of millions of public-domain books. It also houses other digitized materials including software applications, websites, images, music, games, movies and videos.


It is linked to several university libraries, subsequently granting universal access to their digital collections. Here, offerings are limited to digitized books on various topics, as no certificates or specific course programs are offered. Additionally, all public-domain books can be downloaded for free. This platform incorporates Wayback Machine, which grants access to an enormous collection of web pages from old and new websites.

Moreover, a record of internet history is maintained because a webpage’s average age is 100 days. The Internet Archive was awarded by the Free Software Foundation for social benefit. Brewster Kahle, its founder, was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

2. Coursera

Coursera is a colossally popular global learning platform, which isn’t targeted towards students alone. Courses and tutorials here are offered by universities, museums and several other institutions. This exceedingly user-friendly platform provides electronically shareable certificates upon course completion.


To make course selection straightforward course syllabus, course format, qualifying experience or knowledge are all shared alongside a brief course preview. Paid and free courses are available via Coursera’s website and app in more than 180 fields, ranging from social sciences to business and management.

1. edX

edX is the most preferred massive open online course (MOOC) platform globally since it was set up by MIT and Harvard University. This non-profit organization operates on an open-source software platform. Students worldwide have access to free university-level courses, in a wide array of disciplines from the finest global ranking universities. Most of its courses are self-paced making it easier for students to learn in their free time.


This platform is available in website and app form, facilitating greater accessibility. edX is among the most useful websites for college students; since, after completing certain courses, students can pay to obtain a certificate.

Popular subjects students generally opt for include language, humanities, biology & life sciences, computer science, engineering, data & statistics, economics & finance and business & management. To maintain its stupendous learning platform status edX continuously conducts analysis to overcome shortcomings.

Education has emerged as an imperative aspect of the modern world. Hence, it is highly recommended that you explore these free online education sites to learn throughout your life, without enrolling at a school to further improve your professional skills. When talking about the professional skills, we have something for you. We are talking about the superhot topic Cryptocurrency. You can read our article on How to invest in Cryptocurrency and earn in 6 figures.

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