Top 5 Free URL Shorteners to shorten big hyperlinks

Top 5 Free URL Shorteners to shorten big hyperlinks

A long URL can definitely turn out to be a hurdle when it comes to marketing that website, especially if the marketing is being done on social media. When you share links to your site you’ll see how a long URL can hamper the marketability of the website. For instance Twitter limits your tweet with a limit of 280 characters. The unwieldy long link runs the risk of upstaging the content as well. Also not to mention it can get quite complex while tracking the link. To remedy this, URL shortening comes into play where a Uniform Resource locator (URL) is made significantly shorter and will still direct you to the same required page. URL shorteners have been some of the most underrated tools in the sector of internet marketing. And we have multiple tools at our disposal to help shorten URL’s including the dashboards and native networks we use.

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Top 5 Free URL Shorteners to shorten big hyperlinks

In the above scenario, you save up to 50 valuable characters after shortening the URL. This translates to having more characters to market your brand on Twitter or Facebook as you can now say more about it. Usually the URL is replaced by a brand new domain (i.e transforms to A string of letters or numbers replaces the original permalink ( i.e transforms to

Even though there are a lot of URL shortening tools available to us on the internet some have more features than other. We’ve discussed some of the best ones here-

1. – One of the most commonly used URL shortening tools Bit.Ly was created in 2008 and claims to have over half a billions users. ‘Bitly Enterprise’ is offered by the website which grants multiple advanced features that include click analytics, branded domain, mobile friendly links and audience insights to its users.

2. – Google’s free link shortening service is more than just a URL shortening tool. In addition to providing a simple and hassle free process, it also grants you on click insights of your link. To start all this is required is a Google account and your good to go.

3. – Created by the Hoot-suite team, allows its users a service for URL management which is all inclusive and provides features such as link sharing insights, conversations and audience analytics. It can be used while residing on the Hoot-suite dashboard which is considered to be one of its finest advantages.

4. – is one of the first URL shortening services and was created in 2002 to cut short long links. In addition to URL shortening, provides tons of other features to facilitate marketing. The most eye-catching among them include-

• URL cloak that keeps your affiliate URL hidden from your competitors.
• Branding your service with custom domain.
• Grants insightful information about conversations
• Measuring your advertising campaign’s success.

5. – This tool grants new dimension to URL shortening. This is an exclusive service that not only lets you shorten your link but also lets you earn money with each click on your URL. In addition it also grants users with visitor behavior statistics so that links can be optimized for web pages.

6. – This is yet another user friendly URL shortening service that makes your link more manageable so that it can be easily shared on social media platforms and so that your branding can be enhanced even more. You are also provided with visitor’s stats in relation to your link since its formation.

7. – It’s an efficient link shortening service that allows users to cut short their links and share it on social media platforms. Its reporting and analytical tools make this service exceptionally unique. Audience engagement s can be kept a track of and content data can be found out related to the sites enjoy higher conversations.

8. – This is another URL shortening tool with multiple features that include traffic metrics and audience analytics. From checking your visitor’s website time to tracking your retweets, gives you an insight on everything which is related to the performance of your site. Integrating it with Tweet deck, a dashboard application for managing Twitter makes the flow of everything even smoother.

9. – Created by Twitter to streamline their links on Twitter and to assist online business management; is a powerful tool with which you can efficiently optimize your tweets along with sharing a link. Thus you are given the liberty of expressing more in your tweets. It also provides analysis related to the number of clicks to give you an edge over the competition to make your tweets more popular. It also assists against phishing and spamming.

10. – This service is a URL shortener with a distinction of giving a variety of URL types to market your brand more effectively. Packed with multiple search filters it provides you with the right URL with accordance to the specific requirement of your business. It also displays the number of clicks the URL has received since its formation with the stats button available. All these features can be availed with incurring any extra cost.

Thus these tools help make the links more memorable with short custom domain names. Monitor how your URL develops over time by tracking the clicks and analyze the gain in popularity of your link, thus increasing your link’s marketability. This will heighten your brand’s position in the market and offers better visibility. All this translates to the success of your URL.

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