10+ Smartphone Apps to make Real Money Online

10+ Smartphone Apps to make Real Money Online

It’s true, we pledge very often that we will not use the internet on the mobile phone anymore, but every time we fail to stick to it. We know that we will do it again. You may be wondering, what’s the point in that? Actually, the point is, why can’t we convert this addiction of ours into a profit-making opportunity. Simple online activities like catching up on social media, playing games, writing leisurely poems etc. can all be converted into a profit-making opportunity. Surely, it will pay less, but if it is fun, why can’t we take an advantage?

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10+ Smartphone Apps to make Real Money Online

At first glance, such option seems like a bait and most of the times we do not pay any heed. But if any of our friend brings to our notice, how he made some real money with some specific app, suddenly our eyes open wide. And sometimes, it happens that, when we try to make money online with the same app, we fail to do so because of excessive increase in the competition. We can gain good money from apps like these by being vigilant about when any new apps enter the market space.

As of now, there are endless apps that claim to make your wallet full, but not all of them. Here, we are providing a list of some 11 best apps to make money which are legitimate and free. These apps want you to perform simple tasks like watching videos, sharing photos, completing surveys, taking a walk, and writing some simple words. Let’s start the list.

1. Swagbucks (By Swagbucks Team)

Swagbucks is an amazing application that pays you for doing simple tasks like:

  1. Watching Videos
  2. Completing Survey
  3. Shopping in the Apps mall
  4. Referring to your friend
  5. Voting in daily polls
  6. Entering fun contests
  7. Finding Swag Codes

All these activities for the Swagbucks can be done by using either the Swagbucks blog or the social media. Up to now, it has been reported that Swagbucks has given out more than $90,000,000. Now the next question is, how do you get the money? The money is paid on the basis of points you earn. The points that you earn by performing these activities can than be redeemed as:

  1. Gift cards from Walmart, Amazon,Target
  2. PayPal Cash

2. Pact (by Pact Team):

Have you ever thought that you can get some money for taking care of your own health and fitness? Pact is going to give you some reward for taking care of yourself. This App can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. After downloading, you have to make a weekly pact. The pact can be to exercise more or eat healthier food.

There are some trackers in the app that can be used to track your goals. The app pays you for the number of activities completed by you. The people who use Pact app seriously, can get anywhere between 30 cents to 5 dollars in a week.

But remember, all your activities are verified by the GPS or other services. There is a bad part also, if you fail to complete the activity you’ll have to pay.

3. AppTrailers (by AppRedeem Inc):

You will not believe your ears that you may get paid for watching just the trailers of the newly launched apps. These trailers last for just 30 seconds. For watching each trailer, you get some points and the final earning starts when you reach 500 points. 500 points counts for about 50 cents.

There is one more way to earn some more points. Upload your own video and gather more and more likes. To get the money, you can either opt for a gift card or cash. Cash is paid only to those who have verified PayPal account.

4. BookScouter (by BookScouter Team):

As the name suggests, this app is somehow related to the books. Here on this App, you can sell your old books. With the help of this App you can scan the barcode or enter the number of the same. This helps you to compare the buybuck prices provided by some other.

On the basis of other buybuck prices, you can decide about whom you want to sell your book to. The registration on this site is quite easy. If you have a social media account, login through it. If you do not have one, you can login, using your email ID. The existence of an email account is the basic requirement.

5. Loot! (by Loot Team)

Loot and brands are somehow related, aren’t they? This is an app which relates to brands. What you need to do is, just download the Loot app and then take and share the content, picture, experience related to the brand over the social media. This work of yours earns some points for you.

On the app, you can choose from a variety of brand campaigns, and then complete some related activities. But one thing is certain, you cannot draw your earnings unless you reach 10 dollars. The site has reported that it has paid more than $100,000 to its users.

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6. Ebates (by Ebates Team):

This is a site which pays you for shopping with its affiliated 1800 participating retailers. It even pays for referring its app to your friends. If you refer it to your two friends and they successfully download and purchase something for a minimum pre-decided amount or more, you get 50 dollars for it.

The payments are not done instantly and take a time of three months. The user gets the money through their PayPal account or paper check every three months. You have the option to send it to some of your family members, or donate it for a charity.

7. Surveys on the Go (By MFour Mobile Research Inc):

This is a good app. We always like to chit-chat about the things we purchase or news we hear. This App pays you for sharing your opinions. You can share your opinion on endless variety of subjects, including sports, technology, entertainment, news etc.

Those who have a good knowledge base and who always feel like sharing it with others can definitely use this App to get a value for sharing their opinion. But there is one drawback, you cannot share your opinions in detail. You just have to answer the questions asked in the survey.

Whenever, new surveys are available, the app is quick to notify you. With this App, you can earn somewhere between 20 cents to 5 dollars and that too in cash, using PayPal.

8. Snap (by Groupon):

Do you always search for grocery coupons before purchasing any grocery item? This app is for you. By downloading and installing this App, you can easily browse the offers of the week and then save them or add them in front of the product you want to purchase. The list prepared is called Snap shopping list.

After you have prepared the list and are done with the purchases, simply take a photo of the receipt and raise a request for the cash payment. The cash payment is done only after you have earned 20 dollars.

While writing about this app, the link to the Google Play store has not found to be working, but it was working correctly for iOS.

9. Field Agent (by Field Agent Inc):

If you frequently wander in your locality and you love to check on the products and services in the nearby area, this App is for you. This App pays you for performing some simple tasks like making a visit to a nearby discount store and then taking a photo of the product which has been assigned you as a part of your task.

This app pays you money wither through Dwolla or PayPal. The app has got huge popularity after the big brands like Johnson and Johnson, General Electric and Walgreens have started making use of this App.

10. iPoll (By Instantly Inc):

This is a site which pays you very differently for completing a 10-20 minutes survey. The process is, download the app and fill in some information about yourself.

This helps the iPoll to save your profile efficiently for future surveys. Now, you will be able to access some questionnaires. Solve as many a questionnaire as you wish. The more you solve, the more you earn.

The reports suggest that you are being paid 1 dollar for each completed survey. There are some other surveys for which you can be paid up to dollar 10. With the money earned, a person can earn gift cards, magazine subscriptions, airline miles etc. You can even withdraw it as cash, but you need to gather at least 35 dollars to withdraw your money.

11. Gigwalk (by Gigwalk Team):

Gigwalk app is like a Job finding app. To start, first, you have to download the App. After that, you need to register for Gigwalk account. There is only one mode of payment for it, i.e. PayPal. Now, on the basis of your location or ease, you can apply for the Gigs.

You can apply either through the maps or from the Gig List. Once your Gig is accepted, you can submit the Gig work directly in the App after following all the instructions given to you. You can take little contract work with greater flexibility through Gigwalk App.

All of the Apps listed above works on both the iOS and the Android platform. Apps are really good to make some extra money. But one thing is for sure, to earn a handsome amount of money, you will have to shed a good amount of time on them. It is best to be used by the students, housewives etc.

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However, anyone who can shed a little time can earn something with these apps. The list has been compiled with the best of our knowledge. If you know any other App, which you feel, must find a place in this listing, please share the information about that with us. We wish you Luck for making good money through these Apps.

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