HULU – Latest Online Shows Streaming (Best Third Party Shows)

HULU – Latest Online Shows Streaming (Best Third Party Shows): HULU is another best online shows service that was launched in the year 2006, which is a HULU LLC subsidiary with the joint venture of The Walt Disney Company. Since HULU is a joint venture of the Walt Disney and has also signed contracts with South Park Library and Neon Alley (anime live streaming network), so it is the best choice as an anime watching website. Before reading more about HULU best video service, you must read this comparison between HULU vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime.

HULU – Latest Online Shows Streaming

HULU is also one of the most famous online video streaming service provider companies like the Netflix. However, its major emphasis is to provide the live streaming of famous TV shows and anime series to its viewers. HULU has around 12 million subscribers of its services as of now, and they are increasing rapidly. Earlier, HULU was providing some of its content free for viewing to the users, but now HULU has stopped the free services and has following packages for the paid users: —

  • A limited commercial package for a price of around $7.99 per month where the viewers will be able to see HULU’s famous TV series, anime series, hit movies, and kids shows with minimal interruption of commercials.
  • The no commercial package of HULU is available at a subscription price of around $11.99 per month, where the viewers will be able to see all the shows, TV series, anime series, etc. that were available in the limited commercial package without any kind of commercial breaks.
  • The last package is available in the form of HULU Live TV with a price of around $39.99 per month that would include a live telecast of around 50+ international channels and other videos available in the no commercial package.

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HULU may be your desirable choice if you want to see some famous international anime series, kids famous cartoon series, and international live channels on your Smart TV equipped with Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick, so that you would not have to pay subscription of digital TV or cable TV separately.

Why is HULU Better Compared to Other Services?

You can buy the HULU with Live TV package if you have a Smart TV in your home and you don’t want to spend extra money on Digital TV subscription. HULU will provide you all its streaming videos with 50+ famous international live channels. HULU has some of the best TV series like S.H.I.E.L.D., Grim, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, and Grey’s Anatomy. If you are a fan of these TV series, then HULU is your best choice to watch online movie shows.

Some Pros and Cons of HULU

Pros of HULU

  1. HULU is the best choice for viewers who love anime and cartoon series.
  2. HULU can be watched anywhere having an internet connection or on Smart TV.
  3. HULU provides reasonable subscription charges.

Cons of HULU

  1. Every video available on HULU is not free from commercials even in the no commercial package.
  2. HULU’s pricing is considered higher for an average viewer.
  3. Some TV shows on HULU are not suitable for family viewing.


If you want to watch the online streaming of HULU from anywhere in the world, then you must need an international credit card to pay for the subscription. HULU can be your best choice if you love some international TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, but it is somewhat expensive for an average viewer. If you don’t have a credit card, you can try Netflix subscription without a credit card.

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