10 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android to invest in digital currency

10 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android to invest in digital currency

With the use of smartphones, it has become very easy to track your earnings and expenditure. And, how exciting would it be when you can earn and be a millionaire just with the use of your Android Smartphone. We have bundled up a list of top 10 Android Applications for CryptoCurrency. Each app provides distinct features that will definitely help you to keep track of cryptocurrencies in around the world.

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The world is moving from digital transactions to digital currency now. Praising the benefits of a decentralized currency, most of the governments are legalizing the use of cryptocurrency all around the world. And, this has created a revolution in the stock markets. The returns of Crypto shares have made people millionaires in just a short period of time. You can also be one of these people by following our guide on Why and How to Invest in Cryptocurrency.

Top 10 Bitcoin Android Apps to invest in Digital Currency

If you were wondering about the types cryptocurrencies and How to invest in cryptocurrency, we have you covered. Read this article throughout to get as deep as to make money every second. Let’s take you to a virtual world.

If you own an iPhone, we have also compiled the same list of Top 10 Apps for iPhone users as well.

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1) Bitcoin Checker (Price: Free)


Being one of the most popular apps on the android market developed in order to keep you updated in real time about the prices of most popular cryptocurrencies all around the world. It has an easy to use user interface that does not need any brains to use. It shows almost every bit of information about every cryptocurrency be it the most popular or the least.



  •  Can set an alarm within the app to alert about any change in the market.
  • Quick price alerts in real time.
  • Easily syncs the currency with exchange server.
  • Displays the prices in subunits which is very helpful.


  •  No option to lower the volume of alerts.
  •  No graphical display support.
  •  Server goes down quite often

2) Bitcoin Price IQ (Price: Free)


This app features great user interface and easy to read prices. It supports around 165+ countries worldwide. You can easily check the worth of your cryptocurrency with many exchange options. It also displays the prices graphically that makes it easier to check the position of your cryptocurrency.



  •  Supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies
  • Interactive Price History Charts – Slide your finger to get the price
  • More than 165 currency tickers available!
  • No useless permissions.


  •  Alarms are slow to trigger. You are 3 to 5 mins late on updates
  •  Piggybacks off Finance prices only
  • Can’t custom edit Coin prices

3) Bitcoin Ticker widget (Price: Free/$0.99 – $14.99)


Bitcoin Ticker Widget is a snappy and simple answer for individuals who need to know the present trade rates of different cryptographic forms of money straight from their home screen. The application underpins many monetary standards and the gadgets are made such that they should fit on general topics.



  •  Displays and monitor the current BTC and LTC rates.
  • Custom refresh interval can be set according to your choice.
  • Various display options for better viewing.


  •  Not in real time, slow
  •  Annoying advertisements
  • Widgets take a long time to start working on rebooting the phone.

4) Bitcoin wallet by Coinbase (Price: Free)


Bitcoin Wallet is an application that gives you a chance to deal with your own Bitcoins. This one is by Coinbase and probably the best app to buy bitcoin. They’re a sensibly reliable organization in the Bitcoin space. With this application, you can purchase, offer, and spend Bitcoins and deal with your record.

Bitcoin-wallet-by-Coinbase (Price Free)


  •  You can also send and request Bitcoins from other people easily.
  •  In case of lost or stolen phone, you can remotely disable phone access
  •  Material design interface with many useful options.


  •  Average customer support
  •  Lags many important cryptocurrencies.
  •  Quite high fees

5) Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg (Price: Free)


Bitcoin Wallet is another of the exceptional digital currency applications. This one is by Blockchain Luxembourg. One of the best cryptocurrency trading app. It includes a less difficult, easier to understand style. The application offers the rudiments like your Bitcoin adjust, cash trade rates with 20+ monetary forms, and support for 25 dialects. It additionally has some truly great security to keep individuals out and far from your stuff. This is a magnificent application for novices and intermediates in the digital currency space.



  •  Simpler and user-friendly design.
  •  Offers great features like balance, exchange rates etc.
  •  Excellent for beginners to learn about cryptocurrency


  •  Bad customer service
  •  Very slow transfer rates
  •  Pretty high transfer fees as compared to other similar apps

6) Black folio (Price: Free)


Black folio is a budgetary application went for cryptographic money clients. You’ll have the capacity to look rapidly at your digital currency speculations. You can likewise have it send you notices when costs achieve a predefined limit. It tracks more than 800 monetary forms at this moment and you can get insights about everyone.



  •  Keeps track of over 800 currencies.
  •  Feature a news section and keeps you updated about the crypto world
  •  It’s completely free of cost


  •  No feature to sort between weeks, days, months etc.
  •  Does not show the total net cost
  •  No zooming option for graphs

7) Coins.ph wallet (Price: Free)


Coins.ph is another digital currency wallet application. The application enables you to check your digital currency adjust, exchange assets to others, make installments, and the sky is the limit from there. It accompanies some OK looking Material Design also. The application accompanies some shopping alternatives, including the capacity to purchase gift vouchers from 120+ vendors.



  •  Allows shopping within the app
  •  Multi-language support
  •  Able to send and receive funds from any bitcoin wallet


  •  Fixed amount option, can’t load your own amount
  • Not much cryptocurrency support at present
  • No BDO online banking transfer

8) Cryptonator (Price: Free)


Cryptonator is another across the board cryptographic money alternative. With it, you can change over 500 unique assortments of crypto-coins. You can likewise track your most loved monetary standards, utilize the portfolio instrument to track the estimation of coins you claim, and there’s a fun fragment that demonstrates to you which monetary standards did the best and most exceedingly terrible in any given month. There is even a gadget you can utilize in the event that you require it. It contends positively with the other across the board arrangements.



  • You can convert over 500 different varieties of crypto-coins.
  •  Easy tracking option available
  • Supports widget


  •  Transfer fees are very high
  •  Support is poor and takes time to respond

9) Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet (Price: Free)


Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is Bitcoin chief application. This one brags relatively total security. Your private keys remain on your gadget. They don’t move unless you move them. Also, you can deal with various records, make a PIN to keep individuals out, and that’s just the beginning. There is likewise a neighborhood dealer highlight to exchange Bitcoin with individuals face to face.



  •  Gives you the freedom to manage multiple accounts
  •  You can secure it using a PIN
  •  Support for Trezor, Ledger, keep key etc.


  •  No segwit wallet support

10) zTrader (Price: Free with in-app purchases)


Strader is another of those cryptographic money applications that monitor the market. It highlights data from over twelve trades and you can get top to bottom examination of how monetary forms are getting along. You can likewise get 25-bit AES encryption API keys for security in case you’re worried about that.



  • Delivers tons of important information
  •  Built-in chat option
  •  In-depth analysis of currencies position in the market


  •  Contain advertisements
  •  Lags asset chart, total assets etc.

These are the top 10 Crypto Currency Apps for Android. Having gone through the Pros and Cons of all of these, you must have known which apps suits your needs the best. So, why wait anymore! Just download the Top Android app for cryptocurrency and lets your bank account rolling. And Why just business, take care of your leisure time too with the best websites to watch live sports.

If you are new to this niche, you can have a detailed view about Cryptocurrencies and Best Crypto Currencies to Invest in 2018. Still bewildered? Clear your mind in the comments and we will make sure to get you aboard.

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