Top Cool 13 iOS apps to download music free

Top Cool 13 iOS apps to download music free: An idea of paying to download your favorite music from iTunes sounds quite off the bit and downloading a free music on your iOS-powered devices is a hideous task since all music down-loaders were removed from AppStore for certain reasons. But there are remaining few applications that do not only allow you to download the free music but also with the variety of other options.

Top Cool 13 iOS apps to download music free

These apps become quite popular and the earned ‘most downloaded music app’ status with their unique functionality and simplicity. Let’s have look at best free music downloading an app for iOS devices.

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Spotify Music

Spotify is the most popular music service provider in the US. It is kind of radio that streams high-quality music of every genre but you can also download music straight to your iPhone. Spotify allows you to access the wide range of music of any genre such as classical, rock, country and others, the wide range of search options and ability to save the tracks for offline uses. The official Spotify isn’t free but you can opt for its trial version and experience its functionality and simple user interface that will definitely make you fall in love even deeper for music.


Pros and Cons

• Largest database of music
• Offline functionality
• Online streaming
• Built-in music player

Cons: premium account require to download the music

Keepvid music

You might be, being an iPhone user, also searching for an evergreen question of How to download music to iPhone from YouTube? Keepvid music not only let you download 320kbps songs but also allows you download the official music videos directly from YouTube. Other features include deleting duplicate songs, removing faulty tracks, downloading subtitles etc.


Pros and cons:

• YouTube support
• An enormous amount of soundtracks
• One tap download
• High-quality audios

Cons: No built-in audio player


One of the best free music download app, Freegal will open the doors of 7 million soundtracks for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Freegal will let you download any songs you want and create the playlist of your favorite songs. Moreover, you will also be able to find the library of best 10 songs in each category or genre and it stylish and user-friendly interface will definitely help you to sink deep in the word of soul satisfactory melodies.


Pros and cons of Freegal

• 7 millions of tracks to choose from
• Simple yet effective interface
• Free downloads
• Songs can be divided into categories and playlists very easily

Cons: Some users experience frequent crashes


iMusic is not free but you can definitely opt for the trail to experience the world of music. You can do things that you have never thought of. You can download the music directly from YouTube and 3000+ other music website including Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion, Spotify and more music sites, straight to your iPhone. You can record the live streaming songs from any radio station, identify the songs similar to Shazam, and download it directly into your phone. Isn’t it awesome? You search for the best free music download app. ends at iMusic.


Pros and cons of iMusic

• YouTube, Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion, Spotify support
• Download songs from the 3000+ music website
• Identify the song & on spot audio recording

Cons: No free application though you can opt for the trial version


SoundTube is a sister version of YouTube made for soundtracks only. You can use it as free music apps for iPhone without internet as it will allow you to save the tracks to listen to them later directly on your iPhone. SoundTube is music down-loader application made for iOS devices tagged at zero cost and also declared as one of the top-rated application in its category.


Pros and cons of SoundTube

• Build in music player
• Background music playing option
• Various search options
• Online streaming

• Not quite an impressive interface
• Lack of few other features of ideal music application


The next app on our list is Musify. Musify is one of the most appreciated and high rated music download application built for iOS devices. It comes with zero price tag and dozens of feature that only premium applications can offer. You can download music of different genre and tracks from various billboard charts directly from the popular music sites and play it via built-in music player.


High lights of Musify

  •  An option of Searching music, songs, albums and DJs within your fingertip
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to play music in the background
  • Repeat and shuffle songs option also available


As the name states, iDownloader is the best free music download app available on AppStore. It does not only download the music but official videos from various sites such as YouTube, daily motion, Vimeo etc. and other thousands of premium music downloading websites. Though, the app is only limited to downloading functionality it does not offer certain other services and features such as audio streaming, creating the library, and search options. But when it comes to downloading there is no other application that can beat the iDownloader.


Pros and cons of iDownloader

• Unlimited downloading
• Unlimited high-quality audio
• YouTube supports

• Poor user interface
• Crashes pretty often

Music Free Download Pro

Music free download pro is one of the best-rated music downloading application on iOS platform. It does not only let you download the music but also let you play the tracks in the background, create the playlist, searches by artist, albums, DJs and top billboard chart. It also comes with the simple yet very enticing user interface. Certain other features are available in the premium version of the application such as online streaming, sound identification and another handful of features.


Pros and cons of Music Free Download Pro

• Stylish yet effortless UI
• Unlimited downloads straight to your iPhone
• Premium services are available

• Certain services are available in the paid version

Beats music

Beats music is made for the users who always prefer to get the preview of the soundtrack. With beats music, you can stream the track online and you can save it later for offline purpose making it best free music apps for iPhone without internet. Moreover, you will be able to access over 20 million of songs of every genre you can possibly think of as it is one of the largest audio databases on the internet.


High lights of Beats music

  • Comes with zero price tag
  • 20million of songs

Cons of Beats music

  • Poor user interface
  • Slower downloading speed
  • Low-quality audio


It is more of music management application instead of music downloading the application. Mazika allows it’s user to download your their favorite music from thousands of resources making it best app to download music straight to iPhone. Mazika allows its users to create smart playlists according to +genres, artist, and album options. With Mazika users can download up to 10 songs simultaneously without any interruption and allow them to play in their built-in browser. Moreover, you can also search for the tracks in the browser and redirect them into the music player.


Pros and cons of Mazika

• Multi-tasking application
• Radio streaming
• Smart playlist
• Multiple downloads at the same time

• Download speed alters depending on how many tracks you download at the same time
• Multiple downloading does not work sometimes

Music.mp3 pro

If you are into streaming and downloading unlimited soundtracks continuously then this is the app for you. Discover millions of songs, top music charts, artist and genre will let you play the blast of the music all the time. Functions like play/pause, forward/rewind, skip the track and shuffle are also available. You can also save your favorite tracks for offline uses and play it on background via dedicated music player.


Pros and cons of Music.mp3 pro

• Unlimited tracks for streaming and downloading
• Suitable for offline uses
• Decent downloading speed

• The user interface needs to improve
• Limited tracks

The music+

The Music+ brings a lot of convenience for people who are tired of paying for their each and every favorite song. The music+ allows it’s users to download, stream and record the playback music without any hassle. It is one of the best free music apps for iPhone without internet as it can save the tracks offline and also synchronize to your iTunes library. It has also proved its compatibility with the latest version of iOS. Music+ also comes with built-in music player with certain features such as social media sharing, equalizers, forward/rewind and shuffle.


Pros and cons

• Amazing interface
• Above the average downloading speed
• Hassle free searching

• Only basic functionality is included
• No online streaming and song preview is available

All of the applications listed above are the greatest example of what music downloading application should look and function. Most of the applications are available on AppStore for free and downloading them would not cost you an even single penny. Though certain apps such as Spotify may require a paid account in order to access all of their functionalities and services. Hope your journey of finding the best free music download app has ended here.

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