Top 17 Free Live Sports Streaming Websites to watch Sports Online

Top 17 Free Live Sports Streaming Websites to watch Sports Online

We all love to watch sports every time. All are a great fan of either cricket, football, basketball, baseball and so on. But, in the present situation, we have become so busy that we hardly get any time to watch our favorite sport. In this post, top 17 free live sports streaming websites are listed to watch live sports matches by using their live feed. The websites which we have listed here are absolutely free to stream and you can use them on any devices like PC, laptop, Android or Tablet.

In recent times, sports streaming websites are on the rise. If you want to watch live sports, you can Use Netflix for free.  It is much beneficial to watch sports online because you don’t have to move away from your workplace or bedroom. You can sit and watch your favorite sports matches comfortably by entering a sports streaming website. When it’s about the traditional television moving online, there are a lot of Japanese Anime fans like me who want the Anime Streaming Apps for iPhone too.

There are hundreds of sports streaming websites available across the internet. Many new sports streaming websites are added each day. Most of the streaming websites are fake and you end up clicking different ads, some of them may even contain a virus which can damage your devices such as a PC or laptop. So you must protect your PC or smartphone with these best free Anti-Virus for mobile and laptop.

Everyone likes to watch sports online. If you miss any of your favorite team’s matches, you will become impatient and disappointed. Now, you know how to watch free sports online and where to look for. But, do not worry, a list of 17 top free live sports streaming websites are provided here that will allow users to watch all sports matches live.

Which are the 17 Best Free apps to Stream Sports Online for Live Matches

List of Top 17 Free Live Sports Streaming Websites

1. Watch ESPN-

The site ESPN doesn’t need an explanation. You come across this channel every day when watching sports. ESPN had made a tremendous move by providing the live sports streaming site to watch your favorite sports. ESPN Live is one of the leading sports streaming websites in the US. Major TV providers in the US partner with ESPN to provide live streaming of sports matches.

On the website, you can watch any sport such as cricket, football, basketball, hockey, baseball or any other sports. There are namely three categories to choose from: Live Now, Replay and Upcoming. You can also stream sports related HD videos on mobile and computers. To watch the match with full clarity and quality audio, you can stream the sports video in HD feed. This website can also be streamed on Android, iOS, and Windows.

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Features of this site:

• You can watch live matches, replay, highlights of the matches and check upcoming sports programs also.
• One of the top sports streaming website to provide high-speed mirrors
• This site has a completely clean user interface.


You can enjoy free sports streaming of every sport that is telecasted on Star Sports. This site provides highlights of old matches, streaming of live matches, matches predictions, news related to the world of sports and scorecard too. Those who are interested in cricket, kabaddi, football and other games, for them the best sports streaming website is


In 2018, StreamSports is yet another sports streaming website that needs to be focused on. They have recently entered into the streaming world, but within a short span of time, they have attracted a lot of visitors by their good service. You can stream any kind of sports on this website. You can get information about live watch directly on your homepage. You can check if there is any link to the live streaming.

Features of this site:

• Provides live streaming of Football, Basketball and American Football.
• You can check your favorite sports show in two sections-Live Stream & Highlights.
• They don’t show any kind of irritating ads or links on their website.
• It is easier to navigate on the website.

4. is a sports streaming websites which has a better and easier navigation. All upcoming and live match information can be obtained through this site. The major match of the day is shown on top of the website. You will get full access to enjoy live matches once you are registered in It is one of the top sports streaming websites which provides free access to various live sports events.

5. is yet another top sports streaming website. The site has been organized in a simple manner so as to allow the users to access every feature of the site easily. On the right side, there is a chat room where people who are interested in sports and want to talk about sports come online to chat with people of similar tastes. But remember, you can talk only about sports in chats. There is no slowness in this website due to its simple design. The site loads very fast.

Features of this site:

• It is one of the best sports streaming websites.
• Provides live streaming of various channels like ESPN, ESPN2, NBA TV, EURO Sports, etc.
• You can sort the list of sports events on the basis of date.

6. FirstRowSports (

You can watch all your favorite sports easily in FirstRowSports. On this site, you can enjoy live streaming facilities for games like handball, volleyball, ice hockey, etc. Other major sports can also be watched on this website. This site provides high quality streaming sports videos for free.

Features of this site:

• Provides live streaming of different sports such as tennis, football, boxing, etc.
• Completely free sports streaming website.


On, you can stream any match. You can watch all of your favorite sports such as football, volleyball, hockey, etc. on this site without any hassles. You will feel confused when you first visit this website. Everything is disordered and you can merely identify the login and live buttons. You will become familiar with the site after using it for some time. You can get access to stream in HD quality if you have a premium account. Don’t forget to give it a try to this amazing sports streaming website.


You can access every type of sports and games in You can watch all available live sports for free. The list of various sports categories allows the users to choose their desired sports.


FootyFire is an amazing sport streaming website that allows users to stream all sports matches online. The match schedules are also displayed on this website. This site is particularly made for football, but, other sports such as baseball, tennis, rugby and many other games can also be enjoyed on this website.


A new sports streaming website is gaining popularity in the sports streaming segment and that is none other than On this site, live matches can be watched online. Moreover, matches of different countries like USA, Romania, Dubai, etc. can also be watched on this site.

You can also check the live score for free. To watch live matches, registration/sign up is not needed. Best Netflix Alternatives to watch live sports can be the best choice to watch latest matches.

11. is yet another top free sports streaming website. Here, you can enjoy free streaming of various sports like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, rugby, boxing, Formula 1, WWE, Moto GP, etc. are available. They also have a superb design. The best thing about this website is that you don’t need to enter any credit card details to enjoy free sports streaming.

12. Stream2Watch

Another top free sports streaming website is Stream2Watch. On this site, you can watch videos related to sports in High Definition. You can watch many sports on this site, such as football, hockey, tennis, cycling, golf, etc. Just click on your favorite sport and a new page will open where you will find details of live matches, i.e. it’s time. You can see if there are any HD streaming feed available or not. So, don’t forget to check this amazing website.

13. is another free sports streaming website. It has an attractive design which makes it different from other free sports streaming websites. You can watch Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motorsport, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, etc. very easily in just a few clicks. The timing and other details of live matches can be seen directly on the site’s Homepage.

14. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is another best sport streaming website. In this site, you can stream different sports such as WWE, football, hockey, UFC, etc. The site also provides Live Score Card option for those who have a slow internet connection. So, if you are among one of them, then this streaming site is just for you. So, check it out and don’t miss any match again.

15. StreamHunter

StreamHunter is one of the best destinations for sports fans. You can watch live sports in High Definition straight on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Due to the site’s simple interface, people are able to access it with ease and without any hassles. So, give a try to this free sports streaming website too.

16. fromHot

Another top sports streaming website is fromHot where you can watch hockey, football, tennis, golf, baseball, cycling, etc. They have a clean user interface which makes it easy to navigate. You can easily access all the available live matches on their homepage. fromHot also provides a chat option which allows users to chat with other people and this feature makes it different from other live sports streaming websites.

17. Stream Woop

Any live sports can be watched on Stream Woop for free and in just a few clicks. The site also has an outstanding layout. You can search your favorite sports and you can enjoy watching football, racing, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, etc. Do not worry if you have a slow internet connection. They have a feature of the live score, which can be accessed with a slow connection too.

You must have good internet speed since you will be streaming matches in real time. You can stream all your favorite live matches online for free from the websites mentioned above. No streaming site is good or bad. Every site has its own pros and cons. You can select the one which suits you best and enjoys streaming live sports videos for free. And why just sports? With these Android Apps to watch Anime, I can binge watch all my favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

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