Most paid games to make gaming career – Become a professional gamer

Most paid games to make gaming career – Become a professional gamer

In the digital era we live in most of us adore playing games and spend hours doing it be it on a console, computer or phone. It easy to get addicted to games making the gaming sector one of the largest and fastest growing in the entertainment industry. In today’s world a career in gaming is considered to be one of the hottest professions out there. A huge demand has been created for online games and with technology growing as it is everyday this industry is booming at a fast pace. Even though it’s a demanding career, the gaming industry offers a career opportunity for aspirants from sound engineers to artists, from musicians to programmers.

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A profession in gaming can be strikingly competitive but also exciting. It is a unique and interesting career combining fun, technology and creativity for those of us who are passionate about gaming. Gaming has changed in so many different ways from the days of Duck Hunt, Pac-man and Pong when competitive gaming was about getting the top score on the leader-board at an arcade. In today’s world we have the advent of organized video game competitions that have quickly climbed the ladder of popularity as more gamers each day want to become pro-competitive gamers.

Most paid games to make gaming career – Become a professional gamer

Recently pro gamers have been recognized as pro-athletes elevating their status to a whole new level. High paying tournaments have come into the picture for hardcore players giving more of a reason for gamers to go pro. Another added advantage is the fact that age is no limit and players as young as 13 begin competing at professional levels. Gone are the days when parents used to say “you can’t make a living playing video games”. Apart from the fame and the money, players who are recognized internationally are not granted a USP-1 visa that was exclusively reserved for sports persons. These players can stay and earn while gaming in the US.

However the path becoming a professional gamer is not an easy one as it takes determination, skill, and teamwork and not mention hundreds of hours of practice. Most certainly not a walk in the park. Here are a couple of tips to start you off on that difficult yet rewarding path of turning gaming into a career.

One of the first and most important things to do while starting a career in gaming is picking a game and practicing and competing around the clock to become exceptional at it. Once you find a game, building your reputation as a skilled and team player becomes crucial to your future. In addition knowing the jargon used in multiplayer games is equally important. The terminologies vary according to the various games you play. Multiplayer battle games like League of Legends or DOTA 2 have terms like disable, stun, ancients or lane which are referred to as ‘internet speak’. Unique names are given to areas or spots in maps granting teammates knowledge of enemy player whereabouts in First Person Shooter games.

Most multiplayer competitive games today give you the option of playing against Bots or Artificial Intelligence. This is a good place to start if you’re relatively new to the game and still learning the ins and outs of it. You are given the option of selecting the level of difficulty so that you can practice on easier modes before advancing to the harder ones. You also get a hang of the game user interface as well as the controls without having to get too conscious as you would while playing against an actual person. It may feel like a boring and rigorous but in a long run the time you invest learning how to survive longer will definitely help you on the battlefield.

The next step is to play with real people and who better to storm the battlefield with than with your buddies. Playing with friends also means that you can quickly pick up the game by sharing experiences and giving each other advice. But it may not always be fun as it may lead to disagreements or arguments but it will help you in the long run as you will adapt to your teammates’ playing style. You will also gain experience playing with similarly skilled players which may lead to you assembling a team who will watch your back when winning becomes essential.

Gaining experience by playing with friends may only get you so far so sometimes you need to take inspiration from the ones who have seen it all and done it all. Watching professionals play can help you learn how their strategies and complex teamwork function and can also pick up from their split second decision making, ploys and tricks that will allow you to make or break your gameplay. With live streaming these days it’s possible to watch pro gamers play live. An excellent website where you can watch gamer play live is On the other hand YouTube is also a great place to learn in-depth gaming strategies. Opting for guides and tutorials is also a great way of improving your style of play. You will find many YouTube channels where they explain step by step what is going on. Walkthroughs can also be found on YouTube if your facing difficulty with a certain level.

Specialization of skills is very critical is you are serious about a game and hope to rise to the top ranks. You may be provided with a host of different weaponry or characters that are unique within each game, it finally comes down to what combination you enjoy playing most with. This also includes the on-field gameplay weather it’s jumping right into the action, running around the map or being the support character of the team. Every aspect of the game is fun but if you are thinking of being really good at it and going pro then it’s crucial that you are really good at the role you choose and have a serious knack for it.

Loosing because of a faulty accessory can be really frustrating especially if your in the heat of the battle. This is one of the main reasons why Steel Series, Logitech, CM Storm and Razer have gaming hardware that can really burn through your wallet. Built for intense gameplay, they are responsive, durable, accurate and will improve game performance and enhance your gameplay overall. Definitely a smart investment if you hope to look into gaming as more than just a hobby. Gaming accessories have superior quality hardware that not only perform well but also look great. While you may start with the less costly alternatives you will soon see how moving to better options will play a significant role in avoiding errors in the middle of an intense battle.

Watching other people play doesn’t often give you required information about everything that is going on in their mind. A huge part of understanding the dynamics of the game is in-depth study and reading about it. A great source to find in-depth details of just about any game is the internet. That includes knowledge on the characters, their moves, their skills, weapons, their armory, the playing area and more. You won’t get caught off guard ever if u know what every character is capable of doing.

No one becomes exceptional overnight. It takes hours of practice and training to get to levels where professional players are. Charting your progression in terms of performance and consistent gameplay will definitely help building a great gaming career. Take every loss as a challenge to improve your game style and most importantly learn to savor the victory and enjoy each game. While there may be times in a game you feel you’re stuck and are tempted to use hacks, our advice would be to not. While it may feel good to advance in a game using whatever means necessary you have to understand that the moment you use cheats or hacks you aren’t playing the game anymore. If you wish to exploit the mechanics of a game and fully understand the gameplay then you have to stay away from cheats and play the game as it should be played.

Certain games are very graphically demanding and you may not have the required hardware to able to play such games on a high resolution. But that is completely okay, what you have to understand is more that looking good; a game has to feel good. If you have your graphic settings cranked up but loose out smooth gameplay, then it is defiantly time to make a change. To ensure a smoother gameplay during battles all you have to do is lower the graphic settings. Pro-gamers do it all the time to enhance their game play so don’t worry what others may think of the ugly graphics. If you are looking to make a career in gaming rather than ‘beautiful’ features the right action being performed correctly should be the top priority for you. Taking the load off the machine’s hardware definitely means better performance and fewer distractions.

When you finally feel your good enough to compete with a team or individually and start entering tournaments. Test your skill and gameplay in as many local and online tournaments as possible. Al kinds of tournaments take place all year round so you will always find a place to compete. Winning in tournaments not only brings you money but also fame and respect required to really kick start your career and enter the pro circuit level. Another essential part of pro gaming is to find sponsorship. Sponsors provide all the necessary resources required to compete and win at such levels.

Even though there are too many multiplayer games to count here are some of the recent few that have outshined the rest-



An online action multiplayer game where you take control of either a Knight, a Viking or a Samurai to battle it out with other warriors accompanied by your medieval/feudal weapon of choice.



Xbox and Halo have come together again to create an absolute real-time strategy masterpiece for consoles. The second installment is almost the same as the first where you take control of an army to defeat enemy alien factions.



A multiplayer online battle arena title that is extremely fast paced where the standard gameplay comprises of the 3vs 3 modes instead of the regular 5 vs 5 battles. The objective here is to simply win the best of five combat in the close quarters arena.



A visually stunning, 2D arcade fighting game that features characters from Marvel Comics and Capcom. Two characters are selected after which an Infinity stone of your choice is chosen as a one-time power up to help beat your opponents with super-powered punches, martial arts moves and multitudes of beams and projectiles.



This game lets you select a world leader with their own strengths and perks and allows you to build up you’re civilization from the Stone age to the Digital age and become the most scientifically-powered or cultured nation ever to exist. You also have the choice of wiping out your rivals with tanks and nuclear bombs.

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