11 Netflix alternatives to Watch Movies for Free in 2018

The recent rise of Netflix’s subscription price demised thousands of users’ favorite TV shows and movies. If you are one of the users who is also not happy with the recent jump in Netflix’s price you are on the right page. There are literally hundreds of other free and thousands of paid video streaming services which can definitely play a role in the free version of Netflix. Below is the list of top eleven free Netflix alternatives apps as well as websites that will set you free from paying increased prices for Netflix subscription and you will never miss your favorite TV episodes. Although there are some best websites to Download Movies Free, yet having an app to watch latest movies is a great option. The Shortcomings of big platforms like Netflix has constructed ways for other third party apps to Watch Movies for free.  Let’s get started.


Backed by Sony’s online streaming service, Crackle is one of the most popular free Netflix alternatives to watching all of your favorite movies and TV shows. Being free streaming service Crackle includes the bunch of commercials. Though if you are trying to catch up with your favorite TV shows, new releases, and classic movies by cutting the cost down there will be no match for crackle. Currently, the most trading movies are National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Black Panther, House of Flying Daggers, Annabelle: creation, Seinfeld, and District 9.  Of course, commercial can be annoying but they aren’t the worst compared to increased prices of online streaming services. I bet you will be stunned with the solid selection offered by Crackle for free.


Catering the public and universities libraries, Kanopy reached to the different approach to stream movies, TV shows, and documentaries online. Kanopy has signed up with various libraries across the States including New York, Los Angeles, Boulder and Chicago public library is also in process to join the Kanopy.

You will definitely be shocked with their collection of TV shows and movies. For example the first season of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse in the TV collection which you could hardly find on any other streaming services but available on Kanopy. The best thing about Kanopy is that you can watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere with their own Android and iOS mobile application making it one of the best free Netflix alternative android. Their own channel called Ruku is also one of the easiest ways to catch up with your TV show episodes.


One of the largest collection of movies, music videos, TV shows and documentaries on the earth. Yidio is not absolutely free but there is the wide range of options you can choose from. It aggregates the movies and TV shows from various premium streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu plus, etc. and free services like Crackle, YouTube, etc. and that’s the secret make it the largest collection of entertainment stuff and best free Netflix alternative app. You can watch all the TV shows and movies for free except the one which streams from premium services. But the best thing about Yidio is that it opens the door to various streaming services at the same time and let you analyze the free streaming shows. For example, All Dogs Go to Heaven is hosted on Yidio then you can add it to your Hulu Plus, Vudu, or Netflix directly from Yidio. It is kind of remote control for all of your premium as well as free streaming services.


Hoopla, the best spot to find all the classic and indie movies of the 80s and 90s. We have found classic movies like Disney’s oft-forgotten The Sword in the Stone, Short Circuit and The Secret of My Success & in the TV section there were The Librarians and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, the most loved TV shows of that time.  Hoopla is currently partnered with more than 1500 public libraries nationwide and more comes to join. It is available in big cities like San Francisco, California and small cities communities like Hastings, Nebraska. You can check if Hoopla is available in your location on their website or mobile application developed for Android and iOS. And the best thing about Hoopla is that if you have the library card issued by the public library of your city you can watch literally access thousands of movies and TV shows on Hoopla.


Similar to YouTube, Vimeo is the video sharing platform but with the different test of movies and TV shows. Vimeo is an eclectic collection of rare and unique movies that you may not find anywhere else. You may not find the blockbuster and all-time hit TV shows and popular movies but you will definitely find something that you have never seen before. Most of the movies, TV shows and short films on Vimeo are uploaded by independent filmmakers making is the best collection of indie movies. Nothing like Netflix or Amazon prime but still it has managed to attract millions of users with their original content that you won’t find anywhere else.


Literally free version of Netflix, popcornflix is the largest collection of varieties of movies and free TV shows. Check the popcornflix today and deepen yourself down in the world of free movies and your favorite TV shows. It may not beat the Netflix when it comes to latest releases but its current collection of movies and TV shows are enough to keep you busy for a long time you can access the popcornflix with their website or you can get it on your mobile phone with its Android and iOS application. It also has the small collection of Bollywood movies and TV series which you won’t find anywhere else besides Amazon prime, not even on Netflix.  Moreover, you can also download the popcornflix for your Xbox one, Ruku and PS4 devices. And free Netflix alternative android app of popcornflix is one of the highest rated application.

YouTube movies

It doesn’t need any introduction. Though most of the movies on YouTube movies are not free since the arrival of YouTube red. But if you dig down enough you will find thousands of classic and indie movies for free along with the variety of TV series. They also may include advertisements but as long as there is free content commercial really won’t be an issue. You can download the YouTube movie application or simply Google movies on your Android or iOS devices which has thousands of other free movies and TV shows to watch. The best thing about YouTube is that it never disappoints you as there is always something interesting to watch.

Tubi TV

Nothing beats free and Tubi TV is the prime example of it. You will find everything on Tubi TV that you can find on Netflix or amazon prime and sometimes even content that you will never find on any of those premium streaming sites. The best thing about Tubi TV is that it allows you to download or save the videos for online purpose. You will find the latest release of TV shows, the variety of movie genre and official music videos that make it one stop solution for all of your entertainment needs. Tubi TV is the free Netflix alternative app that you can enjoy on your desktop.


Snagfilms is kind of different in terms of presenting and streaming their movies and TV shows. We promise that you will never find something similar to snagfilms. It has the largest collection of award-winning classic movies and TV serials.  The modern notion of old-style Hollywood glamour, it has like Anything Goes, the 1944 serial of Captain America and many other mind-boggling media stuff that you may not find on the Netflix or Hulu Plus. We had also found Wallace and Gromit, Death Race 2000, Dick Tracy, and plenty of Godzilla and other classic movies. You can say the classic version of Netflix was born and it is called the SnagFilms.


Viewster is one of its kind and top of the line when it comes to streaming unusual TV shows, movies, and anime.  Viewster streams various categories of Korean specific drama, the mix of quirky anime, classic and indie movies, and what else. If you ever get bored with the services mentioned above just visit Viewster and there is ‘never-ending’ collection of movies and TV series that you have never heard of. Maybe not free Netflix alternative app but still good enough to keep you entertained.

The Internet Archive

The internet archive is last on the list for various reasons and is being on the list for good reasons too. First of all, it is the largest or you can say world’s largest collection of classic and indie movies. If you can’t find something from the 80s and 90s on other streaming services, the internet achieve is the one you shall visit.  You’ll find tons of classic film ranging from Charlie Chaplin classics like Charlie Shanghaied to the 1925 Lon Chaney production of The Phantom of the Opera.

Hope this list of free versions of Netflix will help you to overcome the increased price of Netflix subscription. Though there are hundreds of other free online streaming sites to watch Anime and movies available, these eleven are the best one and we suggest you try each of them until you find the ‘Mr. Right’ for to keep you entertained.

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