How to get Netflix Free without credit card in 2018

How to get Netflix Free without credit card in 2018

When was the last time you pushed the switch on to watch your favorite show on television? Quite long, right! The reason behind this is obvious. The rhythmic monotony of the channels showing one news the whole day. Netflix is the panacea of your boredom. Similar to Amazon Prime, Netflix is a mobile platform to watch your favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere. Netflix downloads crossed 500 million on Google Play Store. This is because of its wide popularity on the type of Shows it shows. Its vast library also allows you to watch Anime on Android and iPhone.

Started in the United States, Netflix has reached to almost all big countries of the world. Netflix Shows are watched all over the world. One can watch latest and best movies on Netflix. All you need is an Internet Connected Device for e.g. Smartphone, Computer, TV or any other device that is Netflix ready.

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The only factor that pulls off the joy is the monthly subscription fee. Netflix fee is charged monthly from the user after its subscription. But before getting disappointed, there is a reason to cheer. For a new user, Netflix comes with a 30-days free trial.

How to get Netflix Free without credit card in 2018

Adding more to user’s disappointment, Netflix requires you to enter credit card details to gain access to Netflix. The card is used to auto-debit monthly subscription once your free trial finishes. And, this is where the frustration of a consumer reaches the zenith. Two main reasons. First- Not all people have credit cards. Second- Not everyone wants his account to be debited.

Nothing comes for free. But, when it comes to money, some people use their clever mind to invent ways to cheat the system by finding loopholes in the Terms of Use of the services. And, the same happens with Netflix. With the ever-increasing popularity of Netflix, the Internet is flooded with the ways that list “How to get Netflix free? ” or “How much does Netflix cost?”. You can use any smart device that has the internet to access Netflix shows. You will be delighted to know that you can earn money by investing in Cryptocurrency using Android Mobile.

But, most of these ways are either fake or banned by Netflix till date. So, I won’t talk about such useless tricks. I will provide you the ways through which you can watch Netflix in the free trial without the need of any of the account details. This way you can enjoy Netflix without the fear of paying a penny after subscription. Also, you can increase your free trial period endless times.

Netflix Free Subscription without credit card and account details

 Top ways to use Netflix without a credit card.

Go through the whole article to Know How can you use Netflix free without credit card.

1. Netflix Gift Cards:

Gift cards are a great gift in the present era. Just like Amazon gift cards, Netflix offers gift cards to their users. And, this Netflix gift card is your savior when it comes to Netflix login. Netflix gift cards can be used for payments within Netflix.


If you have a Netflix gift card, then you can escape the credit card entering the process. Other gift cards are not valid to access Netflix. Get a Netflix Gift card Now.

2. Virtual Credit Cards:

This is the 21st century and everything have gone digital and so has the credit card.Virtual credit cards are not physically available but can be used just like one. Virtual credit cards are available through many verified sources.


You can enter the details of the virtual credit card in the payment section of Netflix and can enjoy your favorite movie on Netflix.

3. Debit Cards:

It’s a misconception that Netflix doesn’t accept Debit cards. There are many jurisdictions that Netflix treat Debit cards as Gift cards from Banks. But, debit cards are as legal as credit cards and can be used to set up the Netflix account.


Enter your Debit cards details in the payments section under credit cards and you are ready to go.

4. PayPal:

This is the safest and easiest method to gain access to your Netflix account. This is the other option available beside credit card details available on the payment page of Netflix. PayPal is now a globally recognized way to transact anytime and anywhere. Its server is very secure and is very user-friendly.


PayPal is a great choice if you do not feel to share your account details over the web. Although, the process is security sufficient you never know when the next big theft might happen. Right! Why take the risk. Create an account on PayPal today and double your account security.

5. Shared Netflix Account:

This last but not the least way to use Netflix free without account details is to use a shared Netflix Account. A little hard to get but if you know someone who is already using a Netflix account, you can make a baby face asking to share his Netflix Account with you.


Netflix allows one account to be linked with up to five profiles and can be watched separately from those profiles. You can save your ‘favorite’ and ‘watch laters’ separately for different profiles. The only tough job here would be to find someone who allows you to use his Netflix account in shared topology.

So, those were some cool ideas that will definitely help you to get a Netflix Account for free without the need of a credit card. With these tricks, you can always use the Netflix account at least for 30 days. Watching movies online has become a craze among young people of the world and Netflix plays a great role in entertaining everyone.

Which of these methods did you use? Do tell us in the comments. If you find any other method to use Netflix without a credit card, Do share it with us.

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