Netflix – Watch Best Online Movies and Original Shows

 Netflix – Watch Best Online Movies and Original Shows: Netflix is one of the world’s largest online video streaming websites that came into inception in the year 1997. Initially, Netflix was launched to provide DVDs on rental services through a mail in the USA by Mark Randolph. Later, on April 14, 199,8 Netflix became the world’s first online DVD rental store and then reached new heights of success in their online video rental services after that. From then to till now, Netflix has reached higher than expected. Watching Netflix shows without a credit card is an awesome experience as it can save us from the credit card haggles.

Netflix – Watch Best Online Movies and Original Shows

If you are looking to watch online movie shows, then Netflix would be your best choice. Netflix is the best choice for the viewers from the European countries because it provides the best English shows, movies, TV series, and many more. If you love English shows, then Netflix is the best choice for you as a video streaming subscription. However, some most popular shows in English like Game of Thrones is not available on Netflix because its rights are bought by HBO exclusive. Anyway, Netflix is best in terms of price that comes in 3 different packages for the international viewers as follows: —

  • The basic subscription package of Netflix will cost you around $7.99 per month and can allow a single device and offers an SD resolution video.
  • The advanced subscription package of this online video rental service will cost you around $10.99 per month and allows 2 devices to watch videos of HD video quality.
  • Finally, the premium subscription package comes with a price of around $13.99 per month, while allowing 4 devices connectivity and Ultra HD quality video.

Netflix is a best online shows service and you can watch latest Anime Shows anywhere on Android devices, iPhone iOS devices, Windows devices, Smart TVs, PlayStation, Apple TV, Chromecast, and on any device where a superior quality internet service is available.

Some Beneficial Features of Netflix

Netflix has an enormous collection of latest Hollywood movies, International TV Shows, Documentaries, which makes it a wonderful choice for the viewers from all over the world. It also telecasts some of the best international series like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Daredevil that are considered the best TV series in terms of rating and content. The one positive benefit with Netflix is that you can watch its content free for the first month. All you need for the free Netflix account is to subscribe with your credit card and other details. Netflix will charge the price only after one month, depending on the package you would choose.

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Pros and Cons of Netflix

Some Pros of Netflix

  1. It has a wide variety of shows for the international viewers.
  2. You can watch the shows free for the first month.
  3. You can watch the shows anywhere on your PC, mobile, or Smart TV.

Some Cons of Netflix

  1. Some famous TV series like Game of Thrones is not available.
  2. Needs a 5Mbps high-speed internet for watching the shows without buffering.
  3. Do not censor shows and some TV series are not suitable for family viewing.


Netflix is preferred over other video streaming services on the internet because of its ample collection of content. Netflix is the pioneer in providing online streaming and also produces some of the world’s famous TV series like Daredevil and Stranger Things.  Every product comes with some restrictions and limited features and therefore so is Netflix. If you find any problem with it, you can ask in the comments or you can switch to the best Netflix Alternatives.

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