Best 93 Proxy Sites to Hide your Identity: Free Proxy servers list

Best 93 Proxy Sites to Hide your Identity: Free Proxy servers list

Proxy sites have been around for decades now and users are getting familiar how to get most out of the proxy site. Generally, users who are thrilled by an idea of surfing the internet anonymously and enjoy the freedom of an unrestricted internet browsing are familiar with terms such as web proxy, proxy sites, proxy servers and VPN. Proxy sites have become an ideal choice for internet surfers who want to preserve their online privacy and hide their online identity for safety & certain reason.

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Moreover, proxy sites are also popular tools that unlock the doors of the websites which can’t be accessed or blocked in the certain region. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s have look at what proxy sites actually are and how does it help users to preserve their online privacy and allow them to surf the wireless network anonymously?

What proxy sites actually are?

Before getting familiar with proxy sites, it will be an auspicious step to understand the concept of proxy servers as they are the roots of proxy sites. Proxy servers are common computer servers that behave as the intermediary application to process the clients’ request who are looking for data or other resources stored in other computer servers in the vast network of world wide web.

When you are surfing the internet your computer connects you to the proxy computer which in turn connects other available servers for required information. These proxy servers are evolved to program and filter out an unwanted website.

Proxy servers are being used to prevent the access of websites which are not allowed to visit within country or company where the user is located. Now you might be conceiving an idea behind the proxy sites. Proxy servers’ ability to blacklist certain websites to prevent the access has helped to bring the proxy sites in the limelight.

So, it can be stated that the proxy site is a website that allows the user to access those websites which were previously unable to access or filtered out or blocked by the proxy servers. By utilizing the proxy site, a user can surf the internet the internet without any restriction carried out by the company or country. You can also access best free Anime Websites with these proxy sites if it is restricted in your country or state.

Proxy sites also help the users to keep their identity anonymous simply by preventing their IP addresses being recorded. This isn’t all. There are the variety of applications of proxy sites that help users to cross the regional boundaries while keeping their security tight and privacy maintained. To get the better understanding of the working principle of the proxy site let’s define the two basic types of proxies.

How do the proxy sites work?

Proxy sites normally are used to bypass the normal route which generally passes by the proxy server. There are basically two types of proxies namely:

  • Web-based proxy and
  • Browser-based proxy

Web-based proxy or as commonly referred, the web proxy acts as a shield between you and the site you want to visit. Hence, like the proxy server, the proxy site also acts as an intermediary or middleman between the user and the website. In other words, between the client’s server and website’s server.

When using the web proxy, you are not actually connecting to the website you are intended instead the web proxy is connecting to the site, leaving no clue behind about your visit to that intended website. Proxies are the great tool that provides the totally different level of anonymity while surfing the internet.

How Proxy sites works and why to use procy sites explained

In general, proxies mask the users’ information from the site they are trying to access by preventing their IP addressed being recorded or changing the IP address with country’s signature IP where the proxy server is located.

In order to access proxy sites, just look for proxy sites in google and enter an URL of the website you are intended to visit while keeping your identity hidden and you are done. The further operation of bypassing the common route and entering through backdoor will be handled by the proxy site.

Browser-based proxies are something you utilize, the proxy sites to access the blocked websites. You can browser-based proxies with the help of third-party plugins and extensions or by altering the LAN settings. Some people prefer to use VPNs instead of using browser-based proxies.

These browser-based proxies likewise act as a shield between the client’s computer and website users intended to access. The proxy site or just proxy connect to the proxy server keeping your identity and existence hidden as it leaves no clue behinds regarding client’s access.

Application of proxy sites

The detailed explanation of this topic will answer the bunch of popular questions such as how to enter banned sites, how to surf the internet anonymously and many other. Depending on the intentions of users the application of proxy sites can be varied. Most commonly users want to surf the internet with the bliss of ultimate freedom and enjoy an uninterrupted access to the websites they are intended to.

While some users wish for working proxy sites to hide identity and go anonymous so no third parties can steal their private information and no government or company can trace them. Hence, keeping the online identity unknown, privacy maintained one can use the World Wide Web without much worrying about security. If you like to watch movies online and your country denies access to the website you want to, then these proxy sites will be your savior.

Applications of proxy sites to access blocked webistes

There are users or black hat hackers whose intentions are different and steps over the state of normal users who just want to enjoy the freedom of the unrestricted internet. Proxy sites can be their ultimate weapon to hide their presence while committing some serious actions which violates norms and regulations implemented by the certain government.

Tor network is one of the best examples which opens the door of an entirely new edge of the internet called darknet with the help of proxy sites. Darknet is the place where you can do certain illegal things without compromising your real identity and getting caught by various federal agencies.

As more and more people are getting aware of the issues of compromising an online privacy and identify the application of proxy sites are getting crossing the boundaries that not only allow them, a proxy site to access the blocked site but also keep their search history secret and online existence hidden.

If you are want to step over the state of security, privacy, and anonymity provided by the proxy site, it will be an auspicious step to use top VPNs to hide your IP. Proxy sites can slow the speed of an internet as it has to go through the certain layer of security and so VPN. But VPNs are an iteration of traditional proxy sites that allows maximizing the speed and change your IP addressed frequently in order to overcome the issues with proxy sites.

For instance countries like Saudi Arabia has blacklisted certain social media sites and applications, a popular one is WhatsApp. You can access all the social media websites and even run the WhatsApp with the help of VPN.


What is a VPN?

VPN is actually evaluated to overcome the cons of proxy sites such as sluggish speed, geographic boundaries in some cases, a compromised privacy and security. It does not mean that proxy sites aren’t effective instead you can say they are less effective when compared to VPNs.

Top proxy sites in 2018

Top Proxy sites working in 2018 to access locked websites in any country

Here is the list of top 101 working proxy sites that you can use to access websites of various genre including torrent sites. This is the list of top proxy sites in 2018 mentioned below.

Sr. No. Proxy Site Name Proxy Site URL

  1. FilterByPass
  2. HideMyAss
  3. IP Switcher
  4. Surf Proxy
  5. Anonymizer
  6. Ninjaclock
  8. Free Proxy
  9. Proxy Foxy
  10.  Surf Me Now
  11.  Proxify
  12.  Proxay
  13.  Anonymouse
  14.  Web Proxy Free
  15.  K Proxy
  16.  Web Proxy
  17.  Gone Wind
  18.  Unblock My Web
  19.  Stealthify
  20.  Secure Browsing
  21.  Browse this
  22.  Webveil
  23.  JT Dec
  24.  Free Easy Proxy
  25.  Bitcoin Proxy
  26.  Surf Land
  27.  Safe Net Browser
  28.  Click Show
  29.  Hide Me Pls
  30.  Proxy Browse
  31.  Hide My IP
  32.  Free YouTube
  33.  Web Curtain
  34.  University Explorer
  35.  Get Past Block Site
  36.  Proxy YouTube
  37.  Proxy Power
  38.  Orange Proxy
  39.  Pro Unblock
  40.  Hidester
  41.  See The Net
  42.  Great Proxy
  43.  Hide Oxy
  44.  Proxy This
  45. VPN Asia
  46.  Proxy Site
  47.  Prox Me Call Me Names
  48.  Greatest Free Proxy
  49.  IP Less
  50.  Hello Proxy
  51.  Web Blind
  52.  This Prox Can Do Anything
  53. Fast Web Proxy
  54.  Unlocked Proxy
  55.  Hi5 Proxy Now
  56.  Pro Unblock Proxy
  57.  Best School Network
  58.  Poof Proxy
  59.  My Free Proxy
  60.  Filter ByPass Proxy PHP
  61. Proxy Site
  62.  Free Open Proxy
  63.  Free You Proxy Tube
  64.  America Proxy
  65.  Proxify
  66.  Map Toy
  67.  Prokut
  68.  Yr Proxy
  69.  Zend Proxy
  70.  FB Proxies
  71.  Mega Proxy
  72.  Proxy Pirates
  73.  Unblocker
  74.  Bog Bone
  75.  Rapid Proxy
  76.  Suede Proxy
  77.  Always on Proxy
  78.  Zalmos
  79.  King Surf Proxy
  80.  YouTube Proxy
  81.  VPN Browse
  82.  Just Proxy
  83.  Monster Proxy
  84.  Prokse
  85.  EU Proxy
  86.  The Covert
  87.  USA Proxy
  88.  Star Doll Proxy
  89.  Blue BBs
  90.  Total Privacy
  91.  Push Proxy
  92.  Fish Proxy
  93.  US Web Proxy
  94.  Tomato Proxy
  95.  Sonic Proxy
  96.  ByPass Restrictions
  97.  Xite Now
  98.  Spedo
  99.  Alpha1 Proxy
  100.  See Proxy
  101.  New IP Now

Final Words:

If your intention is surfing the vast network of wireless connection without compromising your personal identity, privacy and online freedom proxy sites will get the job done. But you are thinking a step ahead and required an extra layer of online security and privacy Virtual Private Network (VPN) is something that can be called to take a charge.

Most general users think proxy sites and VPNs are the different sides of the same coin. But VPN is the totally different thing. VPN works on the principle of cryptography where it uses the concept of encrypted tunneling to replace the common route of accessing the website provided by your local ISP and you will enjoy enhanced security, privacy and anonymity regardless of geographic location.

Commonly, clients use VPNs to hide their torrent downloads and torrent searches as torrent sites as illegal or blocked in the number of countries for the myriad number of reasons. Though, instead of protecting your torrent information, VPN protects 100% of all your internet access including your online activity, software, emails, web browsers etc. you will get faster connection and military grade encryption when surfing the internet.

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