New 11 Anime Streaming and Downloading Apps for iPhone

New 11 Anime Streaming and Downloading Apps for iPhone

If you are a hardcore Anime Lover then you will be aware of What an Anime means. For those who don’t, the word ‘Anime’ is particularly related to the animated content from Japan. It is an animated form of a show that derives its audience crazy with its powerful substance and visual effects. If you are a big anime fan, you must download the best anime. When it comes to watching Anime, it becomes pretty difficult to find authentic sources. If on top of that if you own an iPhone, it becomes nearly impossible. To sort your problem, we have compiled the List of Top 10 iPhone Apps to Download and Stream Anime Online free. You can also watch latest movies without the need for any apps.

Anime Streaming and Downloading Apps for iPhone

Almost all the anime apps for iPhone are available on App store. Most of the apps to watch anime for free provides English subtitles as well and all the apps are compatible with multiple languages that will set you free from the language barrier.

Have an Android Device instead? Here are the Top 9 Anime Streaming and Downloading Android Apps.

1. Anime Lib- Watch and Download Anime

New and Best Anime Apps to Download and Stream Anime OnlineThis app will open the doors to thousands of anime episodes and anime movies of any genre. You can watch anime on iPhone for free and never get bored as new episodes are added every day. Moreover, there are over 500 anime titles are available to watch which you can not only stream online but also download it. In setting you will also find the number of languages, you can choose and watch it.

The app comes with user-friendly UI and tons of features that might make you fall for this app to watch anime for free. You can also set different anime background for your iPhone. There is search button available to find your favorite anime – just enter the name of your favorite anime and lost the world of anime.

In build video player will let you pause and resume the video along with different video streaming in different resolutions. Though an application is of considerable size users are totally content with it.

2. Anime Crave

Watch the best of Animes on Anime Crave ios App

Another anime streaming application built for iOS operated devices. It comes with the variety of features but poor UI at the same time. You can create your own library of your favorite anime, rate them, bookmark them, and access the previously watched episodes as well. The app is the truly gigantic database of anime shows and movies added with frequent uploads of new episodes and trailers.


3. Aozora- Track anime and join the community!

High Quality Animated shows only on Aozora

One of the most popular anime app for iOS that creates your own anime-universe with its strategically built, high-end user interface. Everything is placed for convenience and reliability. You can access the most popular anime of all time, seasonal charts and discover them by date and time.

If you create your account, you can not only watch anime on iPhone for free but you will also get the notification when new episodes or movies will be uploaded. Along with that, the app will also connect with hundreds of thousands of other anime lover allowing you chat with them and discover new anime making Aozora one of the best anime streaming application.

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4. Crunchyroll- Everything Anime

Best of Free and Paid Anime Apps on Crunchyroll

Perfect app for those who want to keep themselves updated with latest anime news and episodes. Crunchyroll is available for both iOS operated devices and Android as well. This is an all-in-one place for anime either its manga or anime, Crunchyroll is of its own kind. Crunchyroll displays a list of Animes in a grid interface. If you don’t like the grid view, you can switch to List view in Crunchyroll.

The key features of the app are includes:
• You can watch new episodes just after they released in Japan
• You can access 25,000 episodes of latest anime such as Dragon ball super, one piece
• You can buy Manga online in many genres
• No device barrier (Chromecast included).

5. Viewster- Anime & Fandom TV

Your own YouTube for anime. You can watch tons and tons of anime TV episodes and movies without even signing up. You can choose different languages to choose from, stream videos in HD quality and even subscribe to different channels to get the notification with every update in the anime world. Viewster is available for both Android and iOS devices but quite popular to watch anime on iPhone for free.

The movie section has a filter which allows you to divide movies into categories according to the year of production and by genre. You can do same with anime TV episodes. In addition to the Viewster, you have some of the best alternatives to watch Shows and movies online.

6. Animania- Discover Anime & Manga Online

Similar to Aozora but with convenient and pain design Animania is even better. Though it is highly focused on anime comics and other manga instead of anime video streaming. But it does not make it any less interesting. You can still watch and catch up with the latest anime episodes while reading the best manga for that particular season. It has more than 10 genre of manga to read from and episodes with the detailed description.

7. Netflix

This app, to watch anime on iPhone for free does not need any introduction. An excellent video membership benefit, Netflix gives you a chance to appreciate prominent Japanese Anime shows and motion pictures in HD and Ultra HD quality. Netflix has been augmenting the anime gathering since 2016. At first, the video gushing administration enabled clients to observe an only modest bunch of shows.

Presently, you can appreciate 30+ anime shows and motion pictures on Netflix. When you join Netflix, you can watch or download your most loved animes on a savvy TV, or cell phone. Netflix is keen video streaming service. Recordings you delay on TV can be continued on your iPhone.

8. Anime Pulse

In the event that you are occupied with the news, audits, and podcasts of anime then Anime Pulse is the best application for you. It gives different stories, news, and rages about anime and manga from Japan. Anime Pulse’s gushing player gives you a moment access to stream most recent anime scenes of your most loved shows.

You can discover data about any anime podcast and bookmark those in your top choices segment as indicated by your advantage. Anime Pulse application isn’t accessible for nothing and it costs 1.99 dollars on iTunes App Store.

9. Watch Anime

AnimeLib Iphone App

One of the largest collection of anime episodes and movies – Watch anime app for iOS is one of its own kind. With watch anime, you will get access to 200000 anime episodes and 7 thousand different kinds of anime with the great user interface.

But the problem with the app is that you cannot have the English subtitle and any other language option that make it ranked 9th on this list.

10. Anime FC

Anime FC is deliberately intended for anime lovers all around the globe. It offers most recent scenes of prevalent anime shows and its gathering is refreshed every day. You can observe in excess of 10000 scenes of top-notch anime appears.

Its streaming rate and downloading speed are way superior compared to some of the other anime applications. You can filter anime by their popularity and class and it likewise furnishes anime shows with English subtitles.

11. Naruto Official App

It is the Official App to watch Japnese Animation Shows and movies. One of the best anime apps for iOS users, this app requires a one time sign up. After Sign up, you can scroll through the long anime list alphabetically. If you have seen Naruto before then you will be loving this App more than anything. It’s a one hell stop for all Naruto fans.

The Shows are available with English and other subtitles that makes it accessible globally which means no matter where are you sitting in the world, you can watch your favorite anime shows on this website very easily.


These are some of the Best Online Anime iPhone Applications that works just fine to get your Anime addict out of your head. You will find the most popular Anime shows online on these Apps that can be watched free of cost. Although most of these sites are free of cost, some of these also have advanced features that are paid.The same can be unlocked by spending a little. For some good anime shows, it is worth it, right. If not Animes, you can also download free movies on your PC or Smartphone. And not just Anime Shows, you can also watch Live Sports Online with some of the apps listed above.

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