Top 11 Free Anti-Virus with Best Features and Security in 2018

Top 11 Free Anti-Virus with Best Features and Security in 2018

The Internet World is great, right? It has given us immense power of traveling around the world without actually traveling. But, it is also a hub of most dangerous computer Virus. Almost every data is available on Internet today. From government documents to private data of companies, everything is saved online. This results in the generation of Computer Virus that are developed by hackers around the world to gain unauthentic access to the personal and private data from websites. And not only form websites, your Personal Computer is more vulnerable to cyber attacks than of any organization’s. So, you must protect yourself online and offline. You can also use these free VPN services to hide our identity over the Internet and that could save you from direct Cyber attacks as well.

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Top 11 Free Anti-Virus with Best Features and Security in 2018

Here is a List of top 11 most advanced and strictly tested Antivirus Softwares that will not only protect your system in real time but will also detect and quarantine the malicious programmes already present in your computer system. These anti-viruses can also protect you while your surf over the Internet. Whether you are using Facebook or watching Anime Shows Online, having a good anti-virus on your back is always a great idea. Go through the whole article and you decide which is the best free Antivirus in 2018.

1) AhnLab V3 Internet Security 9.0

Not very popular, but tops the list of the top 11 best antivirus software. V3 Internet Security by AhnLab is no doubt the best antivirus protection for your PC and it is verified by AV-Test Labs.



  •  Protects the computer system against many new viruses, malicious software like spyware and trojan horse.
  • Loaded with features like a two-way personal firewall that enhances online security and makes it safe from unauthorized access.
  • Scanning and removal of viruses are done in seconds with a very high detection rate.
  • Features a special PC tune-up utility that improves system performance by clearing up memory and removes temporary files on a timely basis.
  • Capable of blocking Phishing websites as well as filter unsafe web content.
  • Very good customer service and 24/7 technical support.


  • The performance could be have been better while working in the background, could be more silent.
  • Sometimes label genuine software as malware, specifically it gives high false positive results.
  • Download LinkAhnLab Free Antivirus

Paid Version: You can get the premium version for a Price of $29.99 from their official website.

2) Avast Free AntiVirus 17.7 & 17.8

Avast Antivirus is a well known worldwide Antivirus software brand that has over 230 million worldwide. What makes it get the second place on this list? Let’s find out.



  • Scans for infections and malware.
  • Identifies obsolete programming that is not avant-garde.
  • Detects if there are any terrible additional items on programs.
  • Detects if there are any systems dangers.
  • Checks framework’s execution and propose for enhancement.


  • Not so suitable for lower end PC’s as it makes them a bit laggy and slow.
  • Can sometimes mistakenly quarantine software from verified developers too.
  • Download LinkAvast Free Version

Paid Version: The Ultimate Version can be bought for a Price of $42.00 from Avast Website.

3) AVG Internet Security 17.7 & 17.8

AVG was one of the most downloaded antivirus software on the CNET downloads list. According to the AV test result, it has a detection rate of 100% for malware. With more than 200 million users, it’s a very trusted antivirus program.



  • Web security – Protects from web programs dangers while getting to the web.
  • Identity security Identify any suspicious conduct of any product on your PC and decides if it’s protected to utilize or not.
  • Email security Protects your email from vindictive spam and unsafe appended.
  • You can include and secure your PCs, Macs and Android gadgets on a single device.


  • This software slows down your computer and due to high use of system resources.
  • Notifications are annoying
  • Download the free version here.

Paid Version: AVG Ultimate can be purchased for a price of $41.12. Purchase AVG here.

4) Avira Antivirus Pro 15.0

Keeping in mind the end goal to satisfactorily ensure PC working frameworks and in addition, the partnered applications in that from the weakness to antivirus and malware assaults, the significance of having dependable antivirus programming introduced on the framework can’t be undermined.



  • Exceedingly uncomplicated and easy to understand interface.
  • Faultless technical support and client benefit choices if and when fundamental.
  • Exceptional malevolent programming identification and repair/evacuation.
  • Fast operational speeds as opposed to some other aggressive uses of comparative qualities.


  • Overwhelming framework affects through its relative utilization of more framework assets.
  • In light of the June 2017 AV-TEST comes about, Avira Free Antivirus For Windows makes the establishment of regularly utilized applications much slower as opposed to the business normal.
  • Download LinkDownload Avira Antivirus Free Version

Paid Version: The paid version of this software can be purchased for the price of $15.98. Buy Avira Paid version Now

5) Bitdefender Internet Security 22.0

Bitdefender is an honor winning best antivirus security programming for the windows clients. In AV-Test, Bitdefender, for the most part, appears on the highest point of rundown in all classifications, similar to insurance, execution, and ease of use.



  • Antivirus insurance that incorporates; Quick Scan, System Scan, Manage Scan and Rescue Mode
  • Web insurance that incorporates; Search Advisor, SSL Scan, Fraud Protection, Protection against Phishing
  • Interruption Detection that ensures malware introducing the framework.
  • Firewall that sweeps and pieces organize port


Premium Version: The premium version can be bought for as low as $50 from Amazon.

6) Comodo Internet Security 10.0

Comodo Internet Security For Windows is a numerous honor winning programming application that is broadly recognized for its unbridled capacity to perform extensive assurance and wellbeing capacities for PC Operating Systems against malevolent programming in numerous implications.

Comodo Internet Security For Windows is exceptionally proficient at protecting PC frameworks, improving web security, advancing joining and additionally escalating information security through its profoundly viable firewall highlights.



  • Unparalleled capacity to run obscure or potentially suspicious applications in separation through its phenomenal Auto Sandbox Technology.
  • Extraordinary Anti-Spyware includes that astoundingly help in recognizing spyware dangers and killing them as needs be.
  • Wonderful firewall works that guide the two information and memory assurance.


  • Visit crashes have been accounted for by a few clients of this application.
  • Comodo Internet Security For Windows is apparently mysterious for new clients and people that are not very well informed.
  • Download Link: Comodo Internet Security Free Version

Premium Version: $26 USD from

7) ESET Internet Security 11.0

ESET for Windows is a multi-grant winning antivirus arrangement. This web security/antivirus/anti malware application is acclaimed to be the main item to win 100 Virus Bulletin’s VB 100 honors in the course of the last 18 back to back years; an unbroken record and accomplishment no other web security arrangement can lay cases to.



  • ESET for Windows is exceptionally good with an extensive variety of gadgets and stages which upgrades adaptability.
  • This web security application additionally has one of a kind webcam and switch wellbeing highlights that empower you to identify unapproved endeavors at getting to your gadgets.
  • Safe web-based saving money includes that naturally secure your exchanges on the web are another property of this item.


  • The establishment and resulting uninstallation methods for ESET For Windows is generally not as clear as with the other comparative web security applications.
  • Restricted specialized help accessibility if and when required.
  • Relatively baffling and very exacerbating UI.
  • Download Link: Download ESET form Here

Premium Version: $24.99 from ESET official site.

8) F-Secure Safe 17

F-Secure SAFE For Windows: Overview And Review Olumide Ogundele
A joint Silver Award winner for file detection by AV-Comparatives, F-Secure SAFE for Windows is a very versatile and efficient internet security solution that is widely accepted and trusted. This top-rated security application is very reliable in ensuring the thorough safeguarding of the computer systems especially given the fact that the number of endemic internet-based security threats keep increasing exponentially.



  • Fast and productive at defending PC as well as web security while at the same time casting off un-streamlined framework exhibitions.
  • F-Secure SAFE for Windows guarantees web assurance and security while surfing the web and subsequently ensures that secret data is satisfactorily ensured.
  • Stunningly gives guardians the important apparatus to screen their wards’ exercises on the web.
  • Impressively ensures the PC framework against the probability of an extensive variety of infections and other possibly harming types of noxious programming.


  •  F-Secure SAFE for Windows’ test outcomes demonstrates a respectably high pervasiveness of false positives which allude to the application naming bona fide programs as being vindictive.
  • Deficient specialized help that doesn’t adequately address buyers’ issues if and when they emerge.
  • Worse than average antiphishing possibilities which can enhance the powerlessness of protection and information security.
  • Download Link: F Secure Safe free version

Premium Version: $5.43 for a year from Here

9) G Data InternetSecurity 25.4

MicroWorld eScan Internet Security for Windows is a suitable web security arrangement with a remarkable inclination to play out a large group of lucky capacities, for example, productively distinguishing malignant programming and furthermore the surprising capacity to ensure invulnerable PC framework assurance against vulnerabilities progressively.




  • Considerably improves the instinctive and proactive security of your PC from assaults from an extensive variety of malignant programming like infections, rootkits, spyware and botnets among others.
  • The radiant capacity of expelling hints of PC and additionally program movement. By this token, your perusing history can be suitably overseen.
  • On account of PC crashes or malware assaults with the end goal that the Windows OS won’t boot, MicroWorld eScan Internet Security for Windows can, in any case, be run utilizing its Rescue Mode so as to address the emerged issues.


  • Apparently has a high rate of false positives. This as such implies that this web security arrangement had a marginally higher likelihood of wrongfully marking substantial sites as malware.
  • Huge framework effect has likewise been purportedly experienced by a modest bunch of end clients of this item.
  • Download LinkG Data Security Free Version

Premium Version: $4.28 for a year from G Data Site.

10) K7 ComputingK7 Computing Total Security 15.1

K7 Total Security for Windows is a humbly effective web security answer for checking and in addition guaranteeing that the PC performs ideally through its end of dangers from vindictive programming and also different variables of defenselessness related with processing.

Presented with a bounty of powerful and strong highlights extending from significant antivirus capacities to adroit protecting of protection and aversion of data misfortune among others, K7 Total Security for Windows has been appropriately perceived by an army of prepared IT-Security evaluators, for example, AV-TEST, Westcoast Labs, and AV-Comparatives



  • Noteworthy capacity to secure outer gadgets with its control highlight which screens and conservatives access to such gadgets.
  • K7 Total Security for Windows has super-quick filtering characteristics in an exceptionally far-reaching way.
  • In correlation with other comparable items, this web security arrangement can be moved up to refresh renditions at positively no cost.


  • Incorrect spam sifting capacities as per reports from some end clients of this web security item.
  • Visit less than impressive antiphishing test comes about have additionally been mooted. This could be additionally enhanced by the makers of this application for a more hearty item.
  • Download Link:

Premium Version: $5.15 for 1 year from K7 Security Website.

11) Kaspersky LabKaspersky Lab Internet Security 18.0

Numerous web security programming and additionally antivirus applications for different PC working frameworks most particularly the Windows OS are accessible today in their numbers. This plenitude of anti malware projects can make the way toward choosing a tried and true item extremely Herculean. In any case, fastidious testing of these security applications by all around prestigious IT-security organizations as well as associations has helped plentifully in picking solid alternatives.



  • Conspicuous recognition of infections and different noxious programming, for example, ransomware and rootkits on the PC framework.
  • Essentially expels the previously mentioned classifications of noxious programming effectively.
  • Extraordinary repair capacity with a specific end goal to rescue harmed PC frameworks.
  • Commendable adaptability as well as flexibility that guarantees however much as could be expected that an extensive variety of PC frameworks are bolstered by Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows.


  • There have been various records whereby Kaspersky Internet Security had significantly flopped in streamlining framework asset usage subsequently prompting framework slacking.
  • Poor data move down alternatives.
  • Download Link: Download Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus

Premium Version: Buy at $41.99 from Kaspersky Official Website.

Our Verdict:

From the well-compiled list, we have given you almost all the required details and features given by different free anti-virus in 2018. Although the list is topped by the giants like Avast and AVG, competitors like AhnLab has also performed much better in recent times. While avast free antivirus or Avira free antivirus gives a good protection but their paid version’s rates are quite high. Bitdefender Free Anti-Virus can also be a good choice but for a limited time.

In our verdict, we recommend you to have a free version antivirus of the most reputed Anti-Virus companies like AVG and Bitdefender. For the paid version, consider BullGuard or Comodo to have an overall protection from dangerous Viruses and Trojans. Once you are all set, you can download Best Android Games to play without any second thought and can enjoy your free time.

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