Top 11 WhatsApp Hidden Features and Tricks that you must know

WhatsApp, a Facebook Company, is the largest online messaging application. WhatsApp comes with a lot of cool features with every update. But, many of these features remain unnotified to us and we never use these unless anyone tells us. There are various tricks related to WhatsApp Status or Using Whatsapp in offline mode and several others. Download Whatsapp with new features updated version.

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WhatsApp Hidden Features and Tricks

Whatsapp has become a need today! But still, there are a lot of people out there who are concerned about their privacy. A phone number is required to activate Whatsapp and this is the reason why people want fake numbers for WhatsApp verification. For more convenience, I have listed here the most useful and hidden Whatsapp features in this post. Read the article to uncover those features and surprise your friends.


10. @ feature in Whatsapp

We all have Whatsapp groups and love to chat with our family and friends in groups. But, there are times when it becomes hard to understand as to whom the particular message was written. For example, you wrote a WhatsApp message to your friend and your other friend thought it was for him. This can create confusion almost all the times.

Not Anymore. With ‘@’ feature of Whatsapp, you can mention your friend in the message to whom you narrated the message. For example, write ‘@sam’ to dedicate the message to Sam. Sam will get notified that he has been tagged in that message.

9. How to Mute WhatsApp voice message

We all get voice messages over Whatsapp and these actually are quite good when you are traveling or in a situation when you can’t use the keyboard. And, when your friend sends you a voice message, you have to be a little careful while you are with your parents or girlfriend. The content is sometimes unhearable, isn’t it!

For that matter, Whatsapp has given you a great trick. You can listen to the voice message through the microphone instead of the speaker. To listen through the microphone, you just have to play the message and raise the phone to your ear. The message will automatically be played silently through the microphone.

8. Replying to a specific message in Whatsapp Group

In between the conversations over Whatsapp, we often get a series of messages. And, it becomes hard as to which specific message are we replying to.

To avoid such misinterpretations, WhatsApp has a feature to reply to a specific message in a conversation. To reply to a specific conversation in Whatsapp, long press the message you want to reply to, type your message and hit reply.

7. Get Latest Features earlier than others

Through WhatsApp Beta Program, you can have the privilege of getting latest features of WhatsApp earlier than others. These features are launched by Whatsapp for testing purpose. You can also be a part of it by visiting Whatsapp Beta Program Page and clicking on ‘Become a Tester’ on that page. After clicking, you will get an update at your Play Store. Update from there and you are good to go.

This feature will allow you to experience unreleased features but you may also go through some bugs or errors with that. However, that is just a possibility. And, to have those cool features before anyone else still overshadows the small trouble of getting some bugs.

You can opt out of the Beta Program anytime by Uninstalling Whatsapp and re-installing the public Application from Play Store.

6. Hide the Story with Blue Ticks

Blue Ticks of Whatsapp gained a burning recognition when they were introduced. The thing with blue ticks was that they provided the proof of the messages already read. Lots of memes and messages circulated around. But, finally, you can get the heck out of the Blue Tick trap.

To hide Blue Ticks, you need to go to the Settings > Account > Privacy. In Privacy, Toggle(Turn Off) the Read Receipts.

Turning Off Read Receipts will hide the blue tick not only for the messages you receive and view but also for the messages you send to others.

5. Send Whatsapp message without opening WhatsApp

Yes, you read it right. Now, you have the facility to send messages to your Whatsapp contacts without even opening the Whatsapp Application. You just have to command your phone assistant, Apple’s SIRI or Google Assistant, to send a Whatsapp message to a specific person from our contacts.

To send a message through Apple’s SIRI or Google Assistant, simply Activate by saying ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘OK Google’. Then, name the contact you want to message and once instructed by the assistant, simply speak your message.

4. Send GIFs from within WhatsApp

With years passing by, emojis have become overrated, right. To cover it, Whatsapp has now come up with the more exciting GIFs. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is a small animated image. These GIFs are a great way to replace the old static emojis.

To send a GIF from within Whatsapp, you just need to click the emojis icon available on the ChatBox. Under emojis, click the GIF link and scroll through the special Whatsapp collection of GIFs. Choose the one, that suits your mood the most. You can choose from hundreds of Online available GIFs on Whatsapp. That’s a great feature. You can also Download Movies Online that can share your free time with WhatsApp.

3. Back up your Whatsapp Conversations

Just like you Backup your Smartphone for those particular settings and apps, you can always backup your Whatsapp message over the web. It’s pretty good to save those precious messages from your loved ones.

To Backup your Whatsapp Conversations, go to Settings> Chats >BackUp. Select the email account, you want to save your conversations on. You can also include pictures and videos to be backed up. You can access these chats and media from your email account afterward.

2. Send a message to many contacts at the same time without creating a Group

Want to send a message to more than one person? If yes, you can save some time. Instead of sending them individually, you can create a Broadcast in Whatsapp. Through Whatsapp, you can create a list of the people you want to send the message. Just type once in the Broadcast and the message will be posted to all the people on the list at the same time.

To use a Broadcast in Whatsapp, Click on the Settings> Broadcast. Add people to Broadcast and use it to send your message to all those people.

1. Make your text Bold, Italic or Strike through in Whatsapp

You can make your WhatsApp messages look more creative and attractive by formatting the text from within Whatsapp. Whatsapp facilitates you to make our text BOLD, Italic or Strike Through. You can highlight some words from your text to draw reader’s attention towards it.

  1. To make the text Bold, add ‘*’ in beginning and ending of the text you want in Bold. e.g.- *Bold Text*.
  2. To make the text Italic, add ‘_’ in beginning and ending. e.g. _Italic Text in WhatsApp_.
  3. To Strike Through, add ‘~’ in the beginning and the ending. e.g. ~Struck Through Text in Whatsapp~.

Those were the most delightful and lesser-known Whatsapp Features. Not many are aware of these cool tricks for Whatsapp. And, I am sure you will be delightful to know that you can watch Live Sports Online too. Try each of the above-mentioned features and let me know which of these were already known to you. If you know any other cool WhatsApp Tricks, do share with me and fellow readers in the comments.

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