How to Get Free Number For WhatsApp Verification

How to Get Free Number For WhatsApp Verification: WhatsApp has become one of the biggest online messaging application for Android as well as for ios users. Billions of messages are sent over this app across the world. It has added convenience to the people to be in touch with their family and friends even if they are millions of miles apart. But, what brings convenience also welcome insecurity and so do Whatsapp. Therefore, we brought you the trick to get a free virtual number for Whatsapp verification. Yes, you can use a fake Whatsapp number to verify the SMS verification of the WhatsApp.

There are Applications around the web that offers you a free virtual US number to be used for the Whatsapp SMS verification. The free virtual number can be used to run any WhatsApp account. You don’t need to have US citizenship or any other identity to get your hands on the virtual us phone number. While we are talking about the Whatsapp, then you must know Whatsapp Hidden Features.

This trick is not just consolidated to Whatsapp but other online Applications, like Instagram and Facebook, which require a phone number verification to open an account can also be accessed with it. The SMS can be received online without the need for any physical sim card or phone number.

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What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a number that is generated online without the requirement of any physical sim card. The number is generated online based on an algorithm that is used temporarily for the online signup process or for app verifications like Whatsapp. The SMSs sent to this number can be received online through the websites or apps they were generated.
For other business purposes, there are paid virtual numbers too. They work similar to the free one with some added features and security.

How to get a free virtual phone number?

For you, the following list is compiled with some of the most reliable and trusted sources that provide a free virtual number for texting and online verification. Although, there are millions of such apps lying around that promises you a fake number but most of them are either fake or have been banned. In the present digital era, almost everyone comes across apps and website that require a phone number to verify the user. You can also watch Japanese Anime Shows on Mobile that requires a number for verification. Hence, it is really profitable to keep these apps handy.

List of Apps and websites to get a free virtual phone number for verification

1.TextMe- Free Calls and Messaging

TextMe is a cross-platform messaging application that allows you to send unlimited texts (SMS) messages and pictures to any phone number in United States, Canada, Mexico and 40 countries in the World for FREE.

  1. Get a dedicated phone number for texting.
  2. Call and receive voice calls.
  3. Group chats with other TextMe users.
  4. Send, Receive pictures anytime.
  5. Send Videos from youtube.
  6. Text and Voice support in 200 countries including USA and UK.
  7. Availability- Android and iPhone Users


Proovl is a one-stop solution for your free virtual messaging number. They provide their users with a reliable channel for incoming and outgoing data, communications and partnerships no matter what the time, country or the distance is. Their message receiving and delivery service is well recognized all around the world and is highly suggested.

  1. Quick online sending through WebSMS under Console
  2. Bulk SMS sending with one click
  3. Personalised bulk messaging
  4. Contact list
  5. Dedicated Inbox and Outbox
  6. Temporal numbers for SMS receiving
  7. Long-term SMS numbers lease
  8. SMS SIM numbers
  9. Virtual Mobile Numbers
  10. Real Mobile Numbers

3. Burner- Free Phone Number

Burner is the everyday solution for all your virtual number worries. The Burner app lets you hide your true number and generate a virtual number through which you can receive messages and calls on your mobile phone. This app is free to download and comes with a 7-day free temporary number that you can use for receiving calls, messages etc.


  1. Receive calls and messages.
  2. Hide your true Identity.
  3. Free 7 day sample number.
  4. Receive pictures and MMS.
  5. Multiple phone numbers can be generated.
  6. Integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
  7. No Ads but paid subscription after one week.

4. 2nd Line- US phone numbers

Similar to TextMe, 2nd Line is a US virtual phone number provider. It lets its users remain connected to the whole world with a virtual number. The number can be used for messaging, calling and almost all the purposes. The great user interface and service have gained this App a lot of popularity in the market.


  1. A dedicated phone number.
  2. Unlimited text messaging.
  3. Unlimited calls in USA and Canada.
  4. Call forwarding
  5. Unified Inbox to receive all messages in one place.
  6. Low-cost International Calling.
  7. Supported by Android and iPhone

5. Telos Free Phone Number

Telos is another name in the category of calling applications with a free virtual number to receive Whatsapp and other verification messages. It lets you choose any US based number free of cost with any area code. It also offers mobile phone numbers to be used for the same purpose. It requires no contract or conditions to use a virtual number.


  1. Multi-Number support.
  2. US and UK numbers.
  3. Cheap International Calls.
  4. No cell minutes needed to call.
  5. Unlimited calling plans.

6. Primo

Primo uses your Internet connection to make calls all around the world without revealing your true identity. You can call in 200 countries and receive from the same. Free primo minutes can be used to call anyone in the destination country.


  1. Free calling in almost 60 countries.
  2. Paid calls reach 200 countries.
  3. Unlimited text messages.
  4. Share pictures, videos etc.
  5. Rewarding referral program.


Hiding your identity for security reasons over Whatsapp or any other Online Application is essential. The apps and websites that provide a free virtual phone number are your saviors. These app does not only provide you a temporary number but also entitle you a list of other features also. The sign-up process for all the apps is almost similar and convenient.
Thus, when you can have a free virtual US number, then why should you bear the risk of being exploited over the Internet. Get a free virtual Number for WhatsApp verification now.  There are many other websites that need your number for verification such as latest movies download websites, you can use virtual number there too.

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