11 Most Famous Computer Hackers In The World

11 Most Famous Computer Hackers In The World

Do you know who are the world’s best computer hackers of all time or most dangerous hackers in the world? Since the invention of the computer, the world has changed so far and today all our work can be completed by computers. There is no such thing that computer can’t do. In today’s era war is not fought on the strength of weapons, it is fought on the strength of technologies. There are various dangerous hackers in the world who can easily steal your all details like credit card details, bank account, and passport.

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Kevin Mitnick is considered as the first hacker in the world. He used to hack from his childhood. There are two types of hackers, one who hack systems for their own interest and they can destroy any government is known as black-hat hackers. There are very few top black-hat hacker of all times, in the world. Another type of hackers are white-hat hackers, they work for the government or any certified organization. Let’s know about some world’s best computer hacker of all time.

World’s best computer hackers of all time

1. Jonathan Joseph James

He was an American hacker and he was first imprisoned for cybercrime in the United States at the age of 15. He hacked NASA and Pentagon at the age of 16 with the help of a simple Pentium Computer. He got entrance by breaking the secret key of a server having a place with the administration office situated in Alabama. He has stolen many files, security codes and many other important documents of NASA and Pentagon, and erased many intelligence information.


He hacked NASA due to which NASA had to stopped their systems for 3 weeks. The value of the documents stolen by him was being evaluated 1.7 million. He was the most dangerous hacker in the world.

About Jonathan Joseph James-: He had just learned computer completely at the age of 6 and in high school, he figures out how to erase windows from his home computer to introduce Linux. Before fame, he committed intrusions in many companies. His main sermon was not to steal or do any wrong thing. He just wanted to tell how safe your computers and security is.

2. Kevin Mitnick

Kevin is an American hacker and is also known as the condor or the dark side hacker. He was a black-hat hacker and he enjoyed the challenges since his childhood. Due to challenges, he had hacked more than 40 companies details. Mitnick hacked the punch card system of buses in Los Angeles, only for free travel at the age of 13.He gained unauthorized access to a lot of computers and stole the password, credit card details, bank details, e-mail and manipulated the computer system.


He is best computer hacker for all time and he hacked many companies like- Motorola, Nokia, IBM and Pentagon. He stole all the relevant data and sold it, which caused a lot of loss to the government. He was arrested in 1995 and later 5 years in prison for his hacking crimes. This is the ‘world’s first such hacker which is said to be able to start a nuclear war from a phone only’.

About Kevin Mitnick-: He was born on 6 August 1963 and he is a brilliant minded person. He had learned computer hacking at the age of 12.Now, Kevin is an American computer security consultant and also teaches people about advance cybersecurity so that they can be safe. His net worth is about 13532250 dollars. He is one of the best computer hackers of all time in the present world.

3. Albert Gonzalez

He is also an American computer hacker and computer criminal. He has stolen all the ATM and credit card details of half of United States population. He made a lot of money by selling more than 170 million credit and account details. He created a web group named shadowcrew. com and he earned a lot of money by providing fake passport, fake insurance, fake details and fake other details to unknown persons. He also hacked Indian government computers.


About Albert Gonzalez-: He was worn in 1981( currently 37 years old) in Cuba, his parents immigrated to the United States in 1970. He used his computer first time at the age of 8. Gonzalez was arrested on May 7, 2008 and sentenced to 20 years federal prison.

It is quite amazing that he hacked more than 170 million credit and bank account details. He is the first hacker who have stolen so many details. He is considered as most dangerous in the world.

4. Kevin Poulsen

On June 1, 1990, Kevin hacked a radio show in Los Angeles to win a car. He was 102nd caller but he delayed all calls for 15 minutes and won the prize. Because of this action when FBI looked into this case then he also hacked FBI servers and systems. Once he hacked a store market system and damaged it badly. He crushed more than 800 telephone lines mysteriously. He is also known as Dark Danle, a black-hat hacker.t


About Kevin Poulsen-: He was born on November 30, 1965. He was very fond of learning computer since his childhood and at the age of 17, he used his computer to enter into US defense systems. He was arrested and sentenced to the federal penitentiary and also banned from using computers and Internet after releasing from prison up to 3 years.

He is a top black-hat hacker and one of the most dangerous black-hat hacker but he adopted journalism after release from prison and currently he is a senior editor at Wired. Currently, his net worth is about 17 million dollars.

5. Gary Mackinnon

He is a Scottish hacker and hacked the world’s largest military system. He is also known as the solo in the world of the Internet. He hacked more than 300 computers of NASA within 13 months. He deleted many informative files, documents and top-secret information, which shut down the US military network of 2,000 computers for 24 hours.


He posted a notice: “Your security is crap

He wanted to extract information related to UFO, aliens and solar energy. He deleted the precious documents, causing loss of 7 million dollars to us government.

About Gary Mackinnon-: He was born on 10 of Feb 1966(currently 52 years old) and a citizen of United Kingdom. In 2002, Mackinnon was indicted by the federal jury in the eastern district of Virginia. He has been fighting the case against the US government for last 15 years. If there is any evidence found against him then he will be punished for a minimum of 8-10 years. Gary opened a small Seo site where he charges £40 per an hour to help businesses.

6. Jeanson James Ancheta

He is one of the best computer hackers of all time. He created a virus in 2004 that can hack your all login details. With help of this virus, he was able to handle more than 5 lakh computers. He stole all the details and information of the normal user and uses to ben other hackers. He hacked many websites and had money from their owners. He became the first person to charge for operating a lot of hijacked computers.


He is the first ever person who hacked more than 5 lakh computers in the history of hacking.
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About Jeanson James Ancheta-: If you think that it is necessary to be a graduate for success then you are wrong. He was a school dropout who even couldn’t clear his 10th class. He was born in 1985(currently 33 years old) and he started to work with Botnets at a small age and created a virus, by this virus he had done more than 5 lakh computers in his hands.

He was arrested in 2005 by FBI and punished for 60 months, forfeit a 1993 BMW and had to pay 15000 dollars to our federal government. He received more than 107,000 us dollars only by installing bots on the compromised system. His net worth can’t be calculated because it is impossible to know that how much did he earn?. He is one of the most dangerous hackers in the world.

7. George Hortz

He is a white–hat hacker. He never used hacking to steal the information of others. He just presented technical shortcomings and force the companies to upgrade or improve it. By hacking various company’s products, he proves that the products which we purchase aren’t safe for use.


He highlighted the weaknesses in the product like Apple, Sony etc. and posted ‘how to hack Apple iPhone’ on his blog post. He presented the iPhone drawbacks along with iPad. Seeing all this Apple company has to upgrade their products. Apple presented the upgraded version of iPhones but he also hacked it again.

About George Hortz-: He was born on October 2, 1989 and he is an American computer hacker. He is also known as Geohot in the world of Internet and he attended classes for engineering and design technologies. Hortz had been employed in Google and Facebook. Once, Apple company had a court case on it but the matter was settled without the help of the court.

8. Andrian Lamo

Both childhood and adolescence of Andrian have passed into poverty. He is also known as the homeless hacker. He used public place Internet connection for hacking and hacked the system of New York Times and Microsoft.


He was so able that he could hack all security systems while sitting in a coffee shop or library. No company gives any other help except to appreciate it. He corrected many defaults in security systems.

About Andrian Lambo-: He was born on Feb. 20, 1981 (currently 36 years old) in Boston. In 2004, he pleaded guilty to hacking New York times and Microsoft and he was punished for six months of house arrest, two and half year probation and 64,938 dollars restitution.

He did not graduate from high school but he received a GED as per courts order from American river college. He adopted journalism after release from prison.

9. Robert Tappin Morris

He is an American computer scientist. He created a Morris virus in 1988 and it is considered as first computer worm on the Internet. Morris was prosecuted for releasing worm and became the first person Convicted of computer fraud. He created Morris worm while he was a student at Cornell University but he released the worm from MIT University. It was found that he was violating united states security codes in 1989.


About Robert Tappin Morris-: He was born on November 8, 1965 (currently 52) in united states. In 1990 he sentenced to jail for 3 years probation and a fine of 10,050 dollars. In 1998, his Vieweb(software development company for others) sold for 49 million dollars to Yahoo and renamed the software yahoo. He is one of the best hackers in the world. Now, he is a professor at MIT.

10. Owen Walker

He is also known as Akill and he is a computer hacker living in New-Zealand. He had already formed an international group of hackers before his 18th birthday. He is one of the world’s best hacker in 2018. He created a virus and he had more than 13 million computers in his hands and damaged 26 million dollars.

About Owen walker-: He was born in 1989(currently 28 years old) and didn’t receive formal training of computer and hacking. He was arrested by New Zealand police for his cybercrime but the court didn’t take any strict action against him, the court said that he didn’t deliberately do it for all and if he punished then his future will be spoiled.

11.Mathew Bevan

He is also known as Kuji and born on, 10 June 1974(currently 43 years). He is one of the most dangerous hackers in the world and first hacker in the world who has the ability to start world war 3.


At the age of 21, he hacked into files of an air force base research laboratory in New York. He was arrested while manipulating with the data of NASA, USAF and NATO.

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